Show me citrus themed characters

Posted 9 months, 7 hours ago (Edited 9 months, 4 hours ago) by Rayvi

jfieaasdf show me those citrus themed characters. especially orange ones, i'll take others too. I need inspiration lmao idk if this will actually work

Ok edit: i need things that can help me put oranges everywhere, and i mean everywhere, i need an orange hat, suit, whatever. esp the hats. it's a hat society where those with hats are better than those without.

so far: patterns? hairclips so maybe more accessories themed on that? 

Clemendae Superusami

I've got this chocolate orange gal if she counts? Not totally citrus but!


Marie here is heavily inspired by lime fruit! <:

Ethan Wilhelm PicklePantry

Not necessarily through design but pretty much everything Ethan does revolves around oranges!

LEMON DEMON! paranormal-thingum