💡 Why does your OC exist (in meta)?

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Hi! A lot of us have OCs with fleshed-out backstories and complex personalities... but what was the first thing, the first trait you've come up to for them? What made you create this character? The answer can be as serious ("I wanted to create a character to share with my experiences with <event>") or silly ("I really like pasta so I've made a character who likes pasta") as you want!

Just have fun and please keep things civil ♥

Sei'ku xmoriartea

 I had a character in an old heaven/hell rp who was angelic as heck and living in, well, heck. His lover was insisting he needed a guardian and protector and while out in the wilds of a demonic kingdom, he stumbled across a gryphon who had been wounded. That gryphon returned again and again out of debt and fealty to him and became his own character the longer he was played.

Flash point 10 years later, that angel is ditched in the wayside by Sei'ku here has been through various character cycles in different verses and styles and is one of the closest characters to my heart

Taxionna Halfcaste Wonderland

I wanted a kingdom hearts fan character a whiiile ago! After getting my heartbroken over Axel, Xion and Roxas :’( I mixed up my name with an x and got Taxionna.

Obviously she has nothing to do with KH or Organisation 13 now but I just couldn’t bring myself to change her name because it was HER!

(You can still see art of her wearing the jacket and gloves tho in her gallery :’))


Pretty much for my ocs:

  • I want to make music ocs
  • I want a yandere oc
  • (With a design already made) let's make him a crossdresser
  • I want magical boy like ocs (not on here yet lol)
  • I want chem ocs too
  • I wanna make a astronomer oc
  • Let me make a friend for this now
  • What would this ocs parent look like
I make whatever I felt like making at the time,  but this is the initial thought that starts them all~ i want this,  i want that lol
Gail Garm Discordia

Gail was originally an ice element character- I’ve powers etc. it’s been so long I don’t remember why I wanted that, likely because my super first OC controlled fire.  I repurposed her for a 1920s noir rp that never went anywhere so she just kind of became a floater character for me. She’s had anthro forms and generally was always some kind of Norse mythology based magical character.

Eventually she came up in RP again with someone I dated in college who had a very similar character (and this was like...12 years ago) and it all just blew up from there. 

Jason Hadley sonikkuruzu

With Jason, I saw an image of a dude with extreme 70s hair (I can't find the image as I never saved it anywhere) and I liked it. I ended up tweaking his hair and he ended up evolving into my metalhead with resting bitchface.

Some of my other characters are a result of me messing around with character design (usually on the Gaia Online avatar builder) and accidentally creating designs I liked (examples are Bean, Liberty & Maxie) . Gabe and Brooks were created because I find long haired ginger dudes aesthetically pleasing.

Rafael Beefy

After watching iron fist on netflix/seeing how the whole michum family fiasco went down I realized that i'm really drawn to hopeless, desperate messes that know they're irredeemable and don't try to fix that? Kind of a convoluted and long strung out edgy quality but after years of falling in love with the villains who on some level hate themselves and know that uttering such truths out loud would destroy them so they do everything in their power to deny that I made Rafael. Just really wanted a bad guy who is relate-able in the sense that he has Big Depression but deals with it in such a shitty way that no one could ever excuse the way he's handling it. Just really like that aesthetic of edgy angsty over grown losers lol


Ohh fun topic!
(oh and xmoriartea Sei'ku is a gorgeous character! <3)

Noah was made sooo long ago and you can tell because at the time, I didn't have any mean angry bitter pessimists, so I made someone to fill that empty place. his name was "No"...

Talking abt bad names, The Undertime Deliveryman was made because the phrase "timed delivery bomb" crossed my mind and of course the next logical step was to make a mailman around that! I only changed his name from TDB recently but other than that he's pretty much exactly the same 

Fallow and Nott were made on a spot for a roleplay and of course I was like "annoying but charming bard archetype and scary serious warrior archetype, all done, let's go."
Rien joined the same rp a bit later on because we were all adding a second party and I needed a dose of Awful Nerd Juice. He was, for some goddamn reason, my fourth or fifth character based on Wilhelm Scream but the only one who's survived this long!
And Perry joined the rp last because I wanted a boy who I didn't have to pay attention to anatomy to draw, and so I made him long, sharp, and weird. He also filled the spot of Actually Nice Person since Fallow abandoned his post due to a case of being dead.

Phayne aaawhyme

I wanted to make someone super hideous. Just really gnarled and miserable looking. Something that might almost be painful to look at. I already had Phayne as a character but I had no concept of what he looked like yet- so I decided to put the two and two together, to make Phayne the hideous beast that he is today. And I love him. He's my beautiful fugly boi.

Ohh with that being said, I also had the desire to commission FACEROT who was one of my favourite artists at the time, and who better to get them to draw, than Phayne! So in a way, I designed Phayne's look, so that he would work perfectly for that artists' artstyle.


Caesar darkrai

i think i decided i like. wanted a more evil-inclined character but wanted to have some kind of twist to it! i kind of wanted to play with a theme of nature and evil since they seemed at the time like opposites (looks now at all my evil characters who're somehow associated with nature)

what's something and aside from his Evilness that was a first cemented trait was the fact that butterflies r attracted to him. i am Serious. i was in this butterfly garden in toronto and idk why that came to me but that was kind of one of the biggest.. factors that i kind of built off! from there i kind of went to the nature = beauty and.. etc.. there's a lot that i still have to write up and publicly post

Vincent Vangoat VincentVanGoat

Haha I should make a character based off me but better. And I did just that. and then some months later further improved him by making him a ghost :D


wormancer thank you! he is by far the most precious of my characters haha

Ryn (🔹 RPG AU) Aarix

Needed a sprite to fill in a conspicuously tile, for flavour, in a cut-scene in a bad RPG maker game
Then I let him tell a joke so it looked like he was supposed to be there
And it was all downhill from there

(It wasn't even a funny joke)


My OC Kuro is one of my oldest ones, I made him when I was 12 and I'm 23 now. I was going through a lot at the time and wanted to make an angsty character I could identify with and who was just as angry/sad as I was....thankfully I don't identify with him now but I still kept his personality in tact from his original inception. He means a lot to me and I still love him but he's kind of an OC I don't rp with as much, not that I don't want to cause I do, but it feels funny in a way.


2998630? Rahello: I wanted to create an elfin mage. Since I like herbs and trees, I figured I'd create and earth mage, one who likes working with matter so I don't have to come up with vague bs about energy or whatever. :P For his personality, I had watched/read a lot about chaotic neutral characters, and I wanted one for myself. :) 

2998671?  Morgan: I wanted a character in a sci fi setting, but since I don't have a lot of sci fi stories, I figured the character should have a personality and job that I am familiar with. 

2998707?  Enkar: He is heavily based on a character from this great book I read a while ago. 

2998692?  Deru: I wanted to create a character for a fantasy/sci fi blend type of story. 

2998835?  Amenemhat: He's the bad guy in a roleplay, but I didn't want him to be evil just for the sake of the story. I've worked on his background for so long, and now I like him more than the good character I'm also playing in that roleplay. 

 2998721? Covindor: I wanted to create a nice guy in a fantasy setting, just in case I would ever be in the mood for one.

Cyrus Bell Caine

I wanted a boy with the POOFIEST soft light hair and that's literally the only reason he exists....... sorry Cyrus I swear I love you even as a person