💡 Why does your OC exist (in meta)?

Posted 6 months, 29 days ago (Edited 6 months, 6 days ago) by Judas-la-Carotte

Hi! A lot of us have OCs with fleshed-out backstories and complex personalities... but what was the first thing, the first trait you've come up to for them? What made you create this character? The answer can be as serious ("I wanted to create a character to share with my experiences with <event>") or silly ("I really like pasta so I've made a character who likes pasta") as you want!

Just have fun and please keep things civil ♥

Regina Maelstrom TheLadyAnatola

Regina started out as a gijinka of a Gyarados I had in Pokemon Pearl. I'd never actually invested in training a Gyarados beyond just evolving a Magikarp for the Pokedex entry. But this time I was like "NO, I'm gonna do it this time. I've never trained one for real before, but THIS IS THE TIME." So I got this little girl Magikarp and was super adamant about her beating every foe she came across no matter what, regardless of how weak her attacks were before evolving. In particular, I was super stubborn about making her defeat all the Pokemon from one of the early gym leaders and just loading her up with Potion after Potion, refusing to switch her out or let her faint until she beat everyone. XD And now she's such a beast as a Gyarados, even though from a realistic point of view, none of that actually mattered in how tough she'd be.

At some point I decided to draw all my Pokemon as humanoids just for fun, and I eventually made them all into actual characters for my main stories. Regina works as a bouncer at a bar, which she towers over because she's monsterously tall. ^^; I just figured a sea monster lady as a bouncer would be a fun thing to do, and she's as ferocious in character as she was in game.

Cards familiarfarris

Funny story, I actually created this guy for the sole purpose of having an "edgy" looking character, since I only had 6 charas at the time. It took me at least three days to actually draw him out and finalize his design, but I can assure you it was worth the struggle. His name sounds lazy and uninspired bc it was actually just a placeholder name, loosely related to his color scheme- however, I got too attached to that name and here he is!! He may not have a high art count, but I put so much love into his design and I don't think I could ever part with him.

TB-001 GrayPayday

Telebot-001 (TB) was originally a project for my college classes, and was made into a 2.5D runner game (Hence why he's 3D renders and gifs, not 2D art).
After I was finished with him I was originally just going to scrap him-- but then I dug out his old files and actually used him to help me get a job at Build-A-Bear. They have an interview segment where you have to show what kind of person you are-- figured TB here showed my creativity or something, either way, they loved him and I've been working there since!

Decided I owe it to him to keep him around, so here he is!   

Scoville Almondlover

Me: -listening to gunsmoke as i do every sunday afternoon-

Me: yeehaw baby... cowboy

X Lee McGale ampers-nd

back in middle school i saw someone doing the 'L' loser sign on their head, and i thought to myself "What if there was a guy whose nickname was Loser Lee"? When I first made him he was an edgy high schooler who wore leather jackets and smoked cigarettes. He is way different now. WAAAY different. He is still one of the four main characters in the story, and one of the only things that has always been canon is that he loves spaghetti and is a master spaghetti chef!

Lonk ampers-nd

apologies for double posting, but you can probably guess how this one started out. a meme parody of link from tloz. and now he's his own person with his own original story and complicated emotions and conflict. yeah. fr though, he's great and i love him. i first came up with him in french class when nobody was paying attention. now i'm considering making a webcomic about him. funny how things really do be that way.