💡 Why does your OC exist (in meta)?

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Hi! A lot of us have OCs with fleshed-out backstories and complex personalities... but what was the first thing, the first trait you've come up to for them? What made you create this character? The answer can be as serious ("I wanted to create a character to share with my experiences with <event>") or silly ("I really like pasta so I've made a character who likes pasta") as you want!

Just have fun and please keep things civil ♥

Soft Boy stuntchica

i thought it'd be funny to make a character who just like........ cries at everything dsfhhdf i mean look at his name. thats his actual, canon name. im so sorry for giving you this fate sb

Fyodor kafkaesque

Originally this guy was made for a fandom RP as part of a requirement, which stated that all applicants needed to have one human character and one non-human character. As someone who mostly RPed with ferals prior to this, I really didn't expect Fyodor to really be anything more than the angry existentialist who sass-talked at the other characters every 25 seconds?? Still, I guess he was a nice way to flex some RPing muscles... I literally based him off of a book character at first because I had like.... No idea how to make actual human characters, and I kind of expected him to be a minor character compared to my non-human characters. I played myself really hard regarding both parts, as can be seen with his profile. :"))))

Weenus (Arche Borkowski) _exxus_

he was created to be my persona in a 'comic' that was to star pirate versions of kids from our highschool, hence why his first design is that of a 16 year old boy x'D... he's come so far over the years.

Shade ethanol

At the time my story had literally no male characters so I thought "hmmm I should probably make a dude" and I made a dude.  He's gone through a lot of changes but he's still the same mischievous little shit he was when I first shoved him into my universe.

Ruthenia circlejourney

Ruthenia began as an anthro of chemical element 44, ruthenium (the periodic table...hella special interest...). I fleshed out the world and characters a lot, and this fact proved to be the eventual kindling for a novel project, Eagles and Swans. Being one of my faves, Ruthenium was an easy choice for the main character of the new project.

Of course, because E&S is set in a regular low fantasy universe, I had to rename all the characters. Some got fully renamed (Aleigh used to be Radium, Hollia was Hafnium) and some...were renamed the way Ruthenia was, by flipping the -um to a or o. See also: Titanio

Marcia has a good story as well. There was a period in my life (2012 or so) when I was really into historical torture and execution devices and I decided to anthropomorphise them. No, really.

Proto-Marcia was, naturally, the Brazen Bull. Of all the designs, the Brazen Bull's really stuck with me, so when I started conceptualising RD I was like, let's adapt that gijinka into an actual character. That character was Marcia.

Out of Control Ramdot

For me it's quite interesting what it like act like an human and for that reason I made it (I don't even call this oc he or else:3). It kinda fall in love with humanity and wants to be a human. But whenever it tries to be too reasonable or too much sensitive, it makes it far from real human, actually human don't do sth like "ok, I need to be look like human and let's do like this". 

Anyway, whatever this character do, it looks like an human but not real human and I want to catch the gap between of those:D

Kim Chin Ho [AKA Kimchi boi] suckerlouv

Originally he was for a blind ship meme back in 2016, but that ship didn't work, like at all lol. Kimchi was supposed to be an idoal at first, someone who works hard and is so exhausted but has to smile for the public anyways (that kinda cliché). He was an idol because the person I did the meme with specified they liked k-pop while eh..........I'm not really into that? but I said yeah ok I guess an idol sounds cute. "Kim chin ho" is a triple pun tho, because it sounds like Kimchi (a japanese dish) and Chinho sounds like chino is spanish, which literally means chinese, Chin ho is korean but I thought it would be an ironic touch lol no offense intended, and also at the same time Chinho sounds like "Shinho", "Shinho" was my username back in 2016.

Then I abandoned him and picked him up for another ship (again, it didn't work at all lol) and he became another cliché: someone who acts lovely to the public but in reality has a terrible personality.

He has changed so much he is nothing like he was before lol

Roman Perez birthday

roman and his "wife" exist because at the time i was watching a lot of investigation discovery and listening to deep web stories, so i wanted to make a hitman and a black widow killer :p

🍑 Peaches 🍑 MissPeaches

I legit wanted a sexy fluffy character and this was the product. My now sona Q_Q

Toncy YaraDB

I wanted to program a game about an Eevee, but was too stupid to program jumping correctly, so I made a flying Eevee instead. Now he is a completly different species though.