so your OC for whatever reason has 1 day left to live, what do they do with that time?

bonus question: your OC has 1 hour left to live, what do they do with those 60 minutes? 

if Ezekiel knew he had one day left to live he’d probably spend his life savings getting turnt and partying and buy drugs and do them with his friends lol

if he had an hour he’d probably just buy a tuna sub and hot cheetos and eat it in the parking lot, for some reason i would find this very grounding, like theres just enough time for this, feeling normal for one last hour


Rahello and Amenemhat would party hard. 

Covindor would spend the time with his family. He would have a good meal with them, talk to his sister and do some training with his cousin. 

Enkar would want to prove he's a great shaman, so he'd do the biggest, most powerful magic working he knows. 

Morgan would go home and spend the time alone, doing what he always does when he's off duty. He'd not want to make a big deal out of it.

Charlotte Mintiously

Charolette would take down those she cares about, attempting to take them to heaven with her. She doesn't want to be alone. Never again.

☆Orion☆ serenbun

Orion, being a tad bit of a crybaby would be really upset, but he'd want to be strong for his little sister. He's definitely got a flair for the dramatic, so he'd have to make a grand gesture. He'd write personal letters to each of his friends and his little sister Charlotte, telling them why they were important in his life. And with his final hour he'd write a letter to his parents, the king and queen of Unicornia. Explaining to them why he ran away, and apologizing for all that happened. He'd hope they'd take Charlotte back, and that she'd at least have the life she deserves.

Vincent Historie

How can this happen to me? I was supposed to be a god.. not succumb to a mortal’s weakness.. death.

Damn. Only a day left huh? Truthfully, if god can’t conquer the universe in a day; how could I? I’ve no home to go back to nor people who love me.. but... her.. I could come back to her! See, in my quest this annoying brat, Cherubiel was to have her life snuffed by my hands. I was to consume her heart and destroy this stupid dimension..

Yet, somehow she’s found a way to penatrate my non existent heart. She saw through the filth I am and saw what I could be. Alas, I failed her, but maybe.. just maybe I could go back home to her. Would she accept me? Who knows, but it’s not like I have another option...

an: hopefully this is okay ;;! I’m a beginner when it comes to writing so I hope this isn’t too bad haha.

Szymon lilac-obsidian

bumping with szymon

If szymon knew he had a day left to live hed probably make a big traditional russian meal (the kind that takes a day to make), blinis, butter, caviar, perogis, he’d probably clear out his fridge of salted meats and smoked salmon, sunflower seed halva, hed probably listen to his hand crank radio while eating, he would then practice caligraphy for a bit more (possibly write something meaningful that i cant think of lol), then he’d retire to bed with a good book, and as he feels weaker and weaker he will drift to sleep gently into that good night.

if he had an hour hed just drink some tea, read, relax, maybe have a biscuit or something, not enough time to do anything significant

i mean these scenarios are kinda realistic in his canon because i think he might die soon


Q: your OC for whatever reason has 1 day left to live, what do they do with that time?

A: michiko would spread all the gossip she made up, sew, create memes, smoke, listen to music and show her real personality.

Q: bonus question - your OC has 1 hour left to live, what do they do with those 60 minutes? 

A: michiko would start smoking and listening to music. 

Julia Wright/Henry Newman Cliodna

Henry Newman as-of-roleplay (stuck in a medfant setting leading a civil war (rather poorly) ): 

1 day left to live 

Sits down, writes the same letters as in the 1-hour version though they'd come off as less rushed. 

After that I think he'd write one more letter making sure his wordly possessions end up in the right hands, then take a bunch of money and go spend it. Find the most expensive brothel with the best food and spend the majority of the final day surrounded by pretty women and fancy dishes, indulging his physical needs.

If Melodie Ashen was around he'd spend at least some of that time with her as well. She'd be the only person in Wyderia with whom Henry would be semi-comfortable discussing fear of death.

He'd make sure to get back home before time runs out though. Do some self-reflecting, maybe have a cry at the inevitableness of it.

And then end the day with a cup of hot tea just like in England.

1 hour left to live

Henry appreciates words. So he'd sit down at his table and write three letters:

One addressed to Mr. Clarke, informing him that the real test for the englishpeople was for them to be either face their worst fears or to become a member of Red Pawn at heart. If neither requirement is met then the person won't be allowed to return to England even when they succeed in winning the war.

One addressed to his former boss, Montgomery Hammond. This would be the longest and most "impressive" in terms of technique. At first glance it would appear as an acknowledgement of Henrys passing, with naming Hammond as his successor and pleading him to offer financial support to a group of Red Pawn supporters whose vision Henry was fond of. However, hidden between the lines with invisible ink would be a shorthand of everything he remembers of the demon-investigations back in England, so his former boss would have a thread to follow if he ever does get back.

Final letter would be the shortest but take the longest amount of time to write. Addressed to Melodie Ashen and, after a lot of strikethroughs, just saying: "I'm sorry I didn't get to take you out for that cup of coffee."

Found when perusing old roleplay sessions with the character, felt topical:

"If I die tell Melodie to tell Terry to tell Angus I love him and that he's a good boy." - (originally said by Henry when using a shaving knife for the first time)

Asherah wanderways

Asherah would take a nap.

Leah Ilenemy

Leah would ultimately wreck havoke throughout the town that she lives in. She would feel bound by the laws or rules of common sense, she would do whatever she wants. She would break some shop windows for fun, steal a PS4, and steal a bunch of junk food. Then quickly come home and eat the junk food and play her new PS4.

Skai SoraDeathEater

1 day left to live, what do they do with that time?

Skai would spend that day with Sora without telling her that he was dying. Go on a date, talk about their future (despite him knowing he wont be there for it), and "stuff" o.o And then just try to see if he could use his time magic to just reverse the day to start all over. Get stuck in a time loop xD Though if that doesnt work then at least he had his fun.

1 hour left to live, what do they do with that time?

A date and "stuff" /.\


Nefeli would hunt down as many demons as she could to in one day, since, as she would say, "If I only have a day left to live, I may as well spend it making the world as safe as possible for the one's close to me.

If she had 1 hour left, she would spend it with her brother, Life, and trying to convince him to be strong.

Castle Finches

Book some wild show for sure. Sing his heart out for his fans and go party it up

Lock Renigee

Eat lots of cookies and run 10 miles