Show me Comfort Characters!

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If this thread already exists let me know! I would love to see it!

Otherwise, as the title says, post your comfort characters!
Whether they're your comfort character because you use them to vent, they have perfect aesthetics, or just make you happy!
What ever the reason I want to see them!

Optional questions:
-What makes them you're comfort character?
-Did you intentionally create them to be a comfort character?
-Other then providing comfort are they important to you in any other way (e.g. are they a sona or just another oc?)
-In comparison to your other ocs are they more or less developed?
-What do you use them for (drawing, writing, buying cool art, etc?)
-If you have multiple comfort characters, what constitutes them being considered as such? Are there any common themes between them?

(Please black out sensitive content, if you use your comfort character to vent/they deal with heavy topics warn us!)

Haggis hedgemaze

It's this guy; I draw (or commission) him and his guy being cute together when I need that, because Hag's a mess and I'm a mess and it's really comforting to see him happy. (Same goes with some other happy couples, sibling relationships or other friendships that can be comforting)

Haggis wasn't designed to be comforting (he wasn't even originally a very sympathetic character), but it eventually worked out that way. The two of them aren't even the most important characters in their story or anything.

Ira, Amber, and Bane are also good vent characters because they're pretty personal.

Emmy zinnia

emmy time

to be fair all my main pokeau characters are comforts but emmy (and lune) are the biggest comforts imo?
pokeau was created to be a comfort thing and it kinda went outta control lol . emmy was there from the start and shes still super important to me, if not more important now. just like? she's so happy and she loves her wife and family and it's just. soft good wholesome stuff that makes me feel all :D

lune on the other hand. is just entirely self indulgent fluffy garbage (i say that in the most affectionate way possible)...... its like cotton candy and it makes me happy

Donia "Cacophony" Nolan Discordia

Probably Caph. She was my original sona, generally I wouldn’t say I have a strict comfort character. I changed the view picture from her standard icon for this IC- it’s a non-canon silly as all get out picture. 

When I feel crummy, or don’t know what to draw I often still draw her. Sometimes acting stupid. She’s actually kind of an a-hole so it’s pretty funny when she’s being...normal.

She’s actually majorly developed compared to some of my other characters. I also have some larger canon plans for her- like getting married (maybe I’ll get to that this year) that just make me happy.  Even if I’m not drawing or commissioning it I often just...think about her. The whole world is pretty fleshed out so there’s a lot of before/after/hypothetical stuff that I’m always kicking around. 

She’s a grumpy drunk, but she’s my grumpy drunk 

Kiyung Cha AlleycatIrony

this dumb bitch is my ultimate comfort character - rahart's almost on the same level as him too, so i say both are p special to me!

Ryn Aarix

This fucken dickhead warms my heart with his shenanigans. He's fun to draw, and fun to meme with. He's also pretty convenient vent material. I didn't create him with these things in mind but... it happened. Ryn wasn't supposed to be a likable character at all... his suffering turned out a bit more relatable than I'd anticipated, I guess :')

In general he's just such a hot mess he's fun to play around with.

He's horribly over-developed compared to my other characters, because developing him personally & lore-wise is comforting in itself. I'm sad? Better think about my magic system a bit more & specifically how it applies to him :'v I used to do the exact same thing with Dain and Xaanik, and, to a smaller extent, Sharpie (profile not visible rn sorrryyy; he'll be back).  

But yeah, Ryn's my main at the moment. Love this dumbass.

Edit: oh. How could I forget: the main appeal. I do music now(?). I have recently come 2 realise that Ryn embodies the ultimate fantasy of having clownishly huge hands that let you play octaves on bass without wearing out ur pinky finger. My bass isn't short scale by my hands are. Hubris. Ryn and his clown hands? Finger per fret all the way down. God I wish that were me. Would I trade places with him just for this? No. But god would I consider it.

Amarita ChosenUndeaad

He is a really chill and bubbly guy and I love him so much

When I need to take a break or just feel not good I alway end up doodling him becuase he makes me smile uwu he's too cute,, make smy heart melt

ᵃ💙 prim viano prickly

heres mine! hes a sweet, bubbly, robot boy who just wants to be happy and make everyone around him happy and he makes me happy when i think of him

i mainly just draw him and buy art of him but im planning on doing writting for him soon

Henri Lowell (Default werewolf form) Caine

I guess I have a few, although they're mostly tied to how easy and fun they're to draw rather than being a big emotional comfort for me I guess

Henri for starters is one of the most fun characters to draw, ESPECIALLY his moe werewolf form! It's so so relaxing to let myself draw anthros in a more kemono style because I grew up with furry artists who really looked down on the more kemono leaning style in favor of realism. As such I always tried to draw especially realistic muzzles for my canines so this kind of style (that's also easier for me) is such a nice change of pace and I'm mad I didn't let myself do that earlier. I also draw anthros very very fast so his werewolf form is a very easy and fun way to do warmup sketches - and if I want to go more realistic I'll just pick his fullmon form to draw instead 

Claude and Jonathan are sort of comfort characters but solely because they're my protagonists? I know them so well and have worked on them pretty much every day since November 2016 that it's just very relaxing and comes to me very naturally? Also their personalities are some of my faves in terms of tropes and writing especially Jonathan usually makes me feel better? Because he has a much more optimistic look on life than I do and so being forced to take that mindset is actually doing a lot of good to me! And in turn Claude's cunningness is a fun challenge because I'm a dumbass. Also, I intentionally gave Claude most of my appearance-related problems and so he's very important to me in that way? Like I force him to listen to the awful things I have to hear because I don't look distinctively man or woman and it sort of helps me deal with them better? And also I want to show people this is the reality of a lot of """"pretty boys""" in real life and especially western society, because I don't think many realize how awful people can be lol!!!

And uuhh I guess Cyrus and Nicholas also count, Cyrus because he's just fun to draw and write and I consider characters like him the easiest to relate to because I, too, was an idiot rowdy boy at his age (which might be a surprise to people who know me only through stuff like art and ocs), and Nicholas bc I get to write about a topic unfortunately familiar to me (domestic abuse). The difference is though that while Cyrus and I are very alike, Nicholas and I are actually very different in personality and it's kind of relaxing to write someone who is very blunt and straightforward and doesn't Really care if they hurt people's feelings or not. My psychologist years ago told me I need to express anger more so now I just write bitter and angry characters :/ (jk but it is sort of therapeutic even if I don't consider them a direct outlet for my OWN feelings per se) 

Audrey CookieMonsterCrumble

Audrey is a comfort character as well as a persona. She's a cartoony-exaggerated version of myself in every aspect except my more somber traits. I'm not really in as much of a dark place anymore but when I am, I use her to cope, although I never upload any vent art. There are multiple reasons Audrey wears only long-sleeved shirts but one of them is to hide her self-harm scars, hiding them because she doesn't want people to know that about her and wants to leave it in the past, which mirrors myself as I also used to self-harm, but have been clean for some time.

Mel Jade-Everstone

I have a bunch i could call my comfort characters but I'm showing him off bc he doesn't really look like one. Basically he started off as a joke oc but I started using them to cope bc I have a feeling my career is going to fail and I'll be stuck in a similar situation (jumping between a bunch of miserable jobs and just feeling terrible about not being successful in life).


Oh boy, I've got a few characters I consider "comfort characters."

Blade is my main OC for my main series, so it's just kind of a given he's a comfort character.  I put a lot of my personal problems in his story and use him to vent, but also to draw really silly, dorky pictures with when I'm feeling sad. I'm absolutely greedy for art of him, like there have been times where I've been absolutely miserable, but someone surprises me with art of him and I literally SCREAM. And feel like, 100% better. He's also one of my oldest characters, so like, all throughout my teen years, he's provided comfort and joy to me.  

Nukala has also become a comfort character for me.  Like... he almost feels like a secondary sona.  I got attached to him really fast.  He's basically a character who used to be a total butthead to everyone around him, but he later redeemed himself.  Even though he tried to get better, he was still being haunted by his past mistakes. No, literally, a blue ghost man started tormenting him.  The only way to get rid of him is for Nukala to forgive himself, not just redeem himself but still beat himself up for his past mistakes.  He does eventually learn this, too.  I like my main sona plenty, but Nukala's story just drives so close to home.  I've never been nice to myself and I like, literally hurt myself over stupid things I did in the past.  But if I use Nukala as my reminder that forgiveness is even valid for yourself, it kind of helps me.  I'm still struggling, but Nukala really does help. I guess it's easier for me to sympathize with a character who I can relate to, but isn't supposed to be literally me, unlike Nathy,

Hallucina is just very comforting. She's like, lullaby therapy mom.  I love her.

Really, all my characters are pretty comforting, (except the villains, screw those guys) but these three are especially therapeutic to me.

Grauline gravesight

grauline qualifies ! though they're not a sona or self-insert, we share a lot of struggles such as chronic pain and guilt issues. so when i write grauline recovering from their depression/isolation, enjoying their life, and making friends who are patient with them & their needs it's extremely therapeutic. i honestly feel like i've become a healthier person since i developed them


Lophius: happy comfort character

Thanatos: strangely soothing

maybe its bc of his peaceful/calm nature  and also pretty aesthetic

Bruno Stormchi

He was never meant to be a comfort character. but he sorta just became one. He's so happy and wants to believe in you <3

Oz Taiyaki

-What makes them you're comfort character?

He has such a bubbly but sweet personality and his soft design is really nice to doodle. ;w; 

-Did you intentionally create them to be a comfort character?

No, he wasn't supposed to even become an actual character, but I drew him enough times that I figured it'd be best to upload him here to keep track of stuff. 

-Other then providing comfort are they important to you in any other way?

He's my Animal Crossing: New Leaf character! AC has always been a comfort game for me (Minus the Gamecube one bc they were RUDE PUNKS IN THAT ONE LMAO) so I wanted to try and draw my little avatar on there. I haven't played it in a long time so I suppose making him into an OC has kept him "alive" even when I'm not on an AC:NL binge. 

-In comparison to your other ocs are they more or less developed?

Less developed, I suppose. He doesn't really have a story to go along with him. Just cute little facts? Like his Crown was a real gift from my little sister! She saved up the bells and surprised me with it one day when we were playing. 

-What do you use them for?

I don't actively go out and commission art of him much; mostly just doodle him myself. I'm very open to letting people pick which oc they wanna draw for art trades so I also get art of him that way. ;w;; He's just an art baby who's calming to draw. I also pawn off my gore/vent art on him sometimes