Show Me Your Creepy Kiddos!

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I'm sure this has been done before but uh... yeah! Let me see those creepy/oddball/cryptid kiddos!! :0c

I myself have my plague doctor boy Altair along with new boy Hallow whom is still a WIP!

The Mother HeartlessSpade

Mother is... actually sweet but her vibe and appearance is creepy. I also got Murdoc the "certified doctor", Mortis the God of Death, Father the corrupt priest who worships Mortis, Jekyll a lab experiment, Sister the corrupt nun who follows Father.... and I have more creepy babes lol


I'm planning a remake of one of these from my teenage years! I'll have to get some pics done some time.

Killer Cupcakes SoundBabe

Under his mask is really gross to me. I've only drawn it a few times, but it's in his gallery

Cassius tigergods

this boy is a creepy angel motherfucker

Smiley PicklePantry

Because of his mask and the way he acts Smiley's often been described as creepy

Siren Discordia

I’ll just leave Siren here. There’s a few other creepier pictures on her (terribly sparse) profile.

She eats people

Ba'aalthazaar issakidnamedFlo

a creepy boye indeed. a 9' tall creepy boye

big demon man who has been scouring the earth trying to find his brother to drag him back to Hell with him ehe

Molly Rathbone chelonianmobile

Molly here is a literal creepy kid; she's six years old, already carries a knife and is prone to biting. Very bad things happened to her, and she decided to respond by becoming an even scarier thing.

Mika untrustus

another creepy kid coming through

Bloodeater Thornheartless


Weird cryptid is basically the theme for most of my characters lol

But even more so with Bloodeater, I mean he's called Bloodeater and his real name is Victor Thornheart? His favourite food is steak, "the bloodier the better" and he earned the name Bloodeater for a reason

He's the tallest character I have at 7ft and is one of the strongest, you'd also have a hard time trying to kill him since you'd have to directly stab him through the heart which would mean getting close to those large claws and fangs of his

In the end though, when it comes to those he likes and trusts he's basically just a big softie


My most recent fella is a spooky boi >:)

He's a train conductor with a cursed train which basically inflicts all kinds of nasty stuff on you the longer you stay there.. visual and auditory hallucinations, being unable to keep track of thoughts... all that kind of stuff. He's very chatty so he can coerce people to stay on-board. If they make it to the other end, the train stops off at what is basically 'hell' and if you somehow survived that, you probably wont survive the monsters and demons waiting for you outside. His train runs on people's souls so he's gotta keep it running so he can take monsters back and forth too.

I also have Zy who is actually classed as a cryptid, but I haven't drawn his cryptid form yet... just his 'disguised' form

Phayne aaawhyme

its too hard to just choose one creeper to post... like... all my characters are creepy in some way. I don't know why...

but Phayne is one of my creepiest creepos for sure... I mean look at him! his personality isn't much better, letmetellyu

Kieron TenMomentsTill

I have a handful of them. Kieron is just my newest.

He's more of a general nuisance than an actual danger to anyone. Even if he tries something, he's really easy to scare off. Kieron is a complete coward.

I also have his distant cousin Nikkie that is a skeleton covered in goo. Her favourite thing is to steal teeth. 

Thanatos (Spirit Thanatos) lophiusdragon

thanatos is creepy but also pretty