Show Me Your Creepy Kiddos!

Posted 1 month, 17 days ago (Edited 1 month, 17 days ago) by Moriiartea

I'm sure this has been done before but uh... yeah! Let me see those creepy/oddball/cryptid kiddos!! :0c

I myself have my plague doctor boy Altair along with new boy Hallow whom is still a WIP!

Aris Mercenary_Ike

This is my favorite creep boi

Rontao gets also a special mention since he is a yokai

?? suckerlouv

This one is my creepiest boy!


hunger chan was born for dis thread :dowant:

edit: how does one link the oc directly to the thread? :O

Whorker aaawhyme

I think Whorker is a pretty big creeper 

Niels Jhadav SweetlyViolent

Niels isn’t really creepy in his own right, but he considers himself a ghost hunter and a psychic and most would probably consider him at least a little off. 

Shimi TheFaeryKing

i think shimi's my main creepy bbyyyyy

Momoko stuntchica

momoko doesn't really seem that creepy at first glance. she's all cute & pink & fluffy, and she even carries a little plushy bunny around with her everywhere! who could ever be creeped out by such a sweet little child? don't you just want to wrap her up and keep her safe from everything?

nah, momo's definitely my creepiest oc (or, at least, the creepiest that i've actually fleshed out hdfhdf). using her magic, she can take people's 'souls' and put them wherever she chooses- typically, inside that 'cute' doll she carries about with her- and if that's all she does to you, you should count yourself lucky. she's not above torturing her enemies for information if she deems it necessary.

there's definitely more to her than just the creepy kid trope (she's not even a kid really- she just plays it up so people underestimate her), but it's certainly pretty central to her character