For example, characters based on toys, or fursuits, or really any personal object.

I'll start, this is Ivy!

She is a furby based on a real one I own!


This is not a recent image, she now has one brown eye IRL.


A character of mine that I haven't uploaded yet, Spooks (Or Terren is his other nickname), is based off of a cat toy I got at a fair once. 

Lunation zinnia

lunation (and her assistant matryoshka) are both irl things i got at a convention in like ... 2014 or 2015? lunation is a plush and matryoshka was a kil 3d printed figure ! matryoshka actually sits on my laptop but i’m on the bus rn so i can’t add a pic D:

Fio Waltz

I would have to try and figure out where a photo is because she's packed away in storage, but Fio here was originally based on a plush cow I've had forever, named (drum roll please) Cow!

Soni sonikkuruzu

Soni's design is kinda based on a toy bunny I own. I don't have any pictures of it.


They are still in the works but I have a character based off a badly translated sheriff badge I have.


Nev sonikkuruzu

I'm not sure whether this counts but it's like FellowPigeon's example ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I came up with the idea for Nev (seal who's a security guard) because the spray paint I'd got for college had a security seal on it and my brain immediately thought security guard seal.

Hoshi Kagayaku NihilisticTiger

I based this boy off a phone case I had in 9th grade. I created him so I could have a cute matchy-matchy chibi boi to tuck into the case, but I turned out liking him for more than just his aesthetic. He actually got me back into making OCs and world-building whoops


This is the one!! (In the spoiler box!!)

(edit) god that image looks bad on the teal site theme ewwww but y'all get the idea

Amie FoofyFaun

Amie is based on a porcelain doll I own! 

Rook ChingX

Rook is based on my webkinz raccoon that I got sometime in 2007-2008!

Feedback ghostfiish

Based on a keychain I bought at the State Fair!

Lechuguino Raviolios

This is Lechuguino!! Its based on a... strange round cushion I have and love ;v;

So I made it a guardian of dreams sort of...


My character Maka isn't exactly a 'character' but rather my bird that's has a character version •.•


my shleich folder here is for my characters based on my schleich figurines! here's ripjaw here for an example :3



Entler here was inspired by my plague doctor mask!

I have a wizard-y guy named Nameless who's design was based on a purple wizard hat I have, my long coat and a pair of boots