Characters with signature design trait?

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(Apologies if this thread have been created but why didn't I have ideas for threads when I still had my premium/search button lol)

So! One of my favorite part of a character design is them having a certain design trait or accessory (or just anything like hairstyle, clothing, item, etc) that are strongly associated with a character--they wear/hold them most of the time regardless of outfits, situations (or heck, you can spot it even if the character appears as a silhouette) or they absolutely have that as a part of their character and it's either rare or looks strange if they are seen without one? As one would say, well, their "signature" or "trademark" in a form of design.

Do share as many characters as you want here, I'd love to know! (Also feel free to share if the said design trait is just an extra addition to their design or have a certain story or reason to them)

Prime examples would be: Any form of hats, plushes, hair clips/necklace/bracelets, maybe the character is always seen with a ponytail? And many others

Lupus Raziel Shadows RazielRay

I'll do this for Lupus here.

*Lupus always has white hair, though with two distinct styles. When long, he often wears it in a low, loose ponytail, when short, it hangs loose and messy.

*He has a birthmark below his right eyes of his family's crest, a crescent moon over a four point star.

*He has a golden furred tail

*His eyes have three distinct colors/styles. they are either solid red and glowing, a bright pale blue, or yellow.

*He has a long, thin scar angled down his right side, starting just below the arm pit and ending near his navel.

*At times, he has a pair of bat-like wings. The membranes are white and tattered, and the skin around the supporting bones is a dark purple.