Characters with signature design trait?

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(Apologies if this thread have been created but why didn't I have ideas for threads when I still had my premium/search button lol)

So! One of my favorite part of a character design is them having a certain design trait or accessory (or just anything like hairstyle, clothing, item, etc) that are strongly associated with a character--they wear/hold them most of the time regardless of outfits, situations (or heck, you can spot it even if the character appears as a silhouette) or they absolutely have that as a part of their character and it's either rare or looks strange if they are seen without one? As one would say, well, their "signature" or "trademark" in a form of design.

Do share as many characters as you want here, I'd love to know! (Also feel free to share if the said design trait is just an extra addition to their design or have a certain story or reason to them)

Prime examples would be: Any form of hats, plushes, hair clips/necklace/bracelets, maybe the character is always seen with a ponytail? And many others

Kjartan Ulfriksson HailLucy

I think many of my ocs have defining features that are necessary for them to just be themselves, so I may come back a few times but I will do lists or else I'd never show them off vuv~

For Kjartan it's his sword! It has a piece of amber inlaid in the hilt/pommel, the entire thing a gift from his father, made by his own hands and gifted to him at a young age, as is a tradition in their family line. He carries it with him always and keeps it pristine and in top condition. He has been known to clean and care for his sword before his own wounds.

For Emrys it would be his poncho/cape. It holds it's own, fully stable, pocket dimension inside the galaxy pattern. It can be controlled and opened/closed by his own magic, and can withstand life. It exists outside of space and time, capable of holding anything without anything aging or decaying. It is always on his person, no matter what else he is wearing, and he is almost always wearing it unless he is //inside// the pocket dimension. He does not remember how he came to own it, as there is quite a gap of memory when he is younger, he was adopted by Kjartan's viking family, but does not remember much before that.

For Kenjiro it would most likely be his hairstyle! He almost always would have it worn up in a half-ponytail, but he also often, almost always, wears traditional Japanese kamishimos, so those are both pretty distinctive features for him. Not much reason for them, he trained as a samurai in ancient Japan (the year exactly hasn't been determined yet) so it's just how he lived!

For Ashton, like most cowboys, it's his revolver! Not a whole lot of purpose to it, as due to what he currently is (sort of like a complicated ghost species, really) he doesn't remember the full history of his revolver, but he's had it for many years and it has always done him well! He takes care of it and keeps it on him. Many times it has been stolen and he's gone to hell and back to get it. He'd fight the devil himself for his revolver.

When it comes to Ayla it's less a specific thing and more a type of thing, like Kenjiro, where she almost always wears hoods! Not because she is an assassin (though they are useful), but more because she is an albino and they help to keep the sun out of her eyes and away from a lot of her skin. Granted, she often moves around at night, it still helps if she is sneaking around or has to be out during the day.

As for Lailena, her's is pretty obvious! Her mutations vuv. She's got small wings and a very slender tail, but the most out there would have to be the smaller head wings she has! She has no ability to fully get rid of them (she can make them "less perceptive" but for the most part if you look at her long enough or bump into her, you'll notice them.) and she has ears as well, but those wings definitely stick out and are very important in recognizing her as a character!

Shōko👝 Sevenlole

Her bright yellow lips ! This is the most noticeable feature and she got her nickname from that "kinkuchibiru" = gold lips


All my characters have their own unique traits, but there’s a few in particular that are sort of their signature thing :0

Garnet‘s sideswept tentacle.

Junior‘s red short-sleeved jacket.

Kris‘s earring and scarf.

Lillian‘s antennae being bent back around her head reminiscent of a laurel crown.

Michigan‘s pink prosthetic leg.

Neta‘s red ribbon.

Zephyr‘s rainbow “shading”.