...and villans too if youre INTO THAT!

Hello! Im back with another hyper fixation! Please shower me in your superheros, feel free to ramble on abt their backstory and powers, i just want some recognition there are other people out there that are into this stuff.

Any genre btw! Magical girls...ben ten... my hero.. marvel any its all good here. no gatekeeping no judgement


I have a lot of BNHA OC's!
So they're all just Heroes in training >v>;;

Momoko Tomo (Newest)
Momoko probably has the most in-depth profile so far.
She has a quirk/power inspired by Slime Rancher!

I would probably go as far as saying Tomo is my favorite, despite being my most recent >v<;;

- - - -

Kayden (Soft AU)
Soft AU Kayden is a healer!
Her hero costume is an attempt at magical girl meets super hero <3

Kayden (Original)
Original Kayden has telekinesis!
Her story can split 1 of 2 ways (Hero or Villain)

Finnley has wings (That get big enough to allow flight) along with what she calls Eagle Eye.
Eagle Eye essentially provides her with perfect aim, so she can always hit her target!

 Heartbreaker SINNERIOT


Heartbreaker is a superhero! (or at least considers himself to be one), he takes down his enemies with the power of love   
He uses a bow and arrow, and when the arrows hit you they dissolve and make you feel warm and fuzzy, it's very disarming for people like villains and criminals. It works a lot better than you think it would!

I also have some villains too <:

Duskfire is a dragon with an eye for money and treasure, and she likes getting other people to do her dirty work for her

Scully is similar except she works all for herself.. and prefers to eat gemstones rather than collect or sell them

Salmonman hedgemaze

I'm sure they're not what you were thinking about, but I have a couple of heroes and a villain! They're cartoon mascots for fast food restaurants in my comic :')

Salmonman is a superhero fish with abs! The sour Captain Riptide, a seagull who hates sandcastles and beachy fun, is his nemesis. Waffledog is a rival!

Sierra timeandtimor

A blue lantern from the dc universe. Has general blue lantern powers. She got her power ring during a gas station robbery when she comforted a little boy who was scared and crying and her ability to inspire hope in him and herself brought a ring to her hand. c:


I would love to show you my little Baby Levi <3 he is a fancharacter of the My hero academia universe :3 https://toyhou.se/3355036.levi-mochizuki

Remix dogstarlite

I've got a couple in-the-works, but Remix and her girlfriend Wi-Fire are the only two with finished bios right now. Remix can force people to dance along to music, which is super effective at getting them to stop doing... whatever else they'd rather be doing. ;)

And Wi-Fire is a technomancer who uses her abilities to be a super great coder/hacker, and oh yeah she can set things connected to a network on fire. Kachow.

Chitose Dolce

You would think I would have more because I love pretty much everything you mentioned (magical girls, DC, Marvel, etc...) but rn my only superhero oc is Chitose! She's my BnHA oc with an electricity-based quirk. I haven't put as much detail into her as my other ocs yet cause I'm really slowly finishing the anime rn lol, but I plan to revisit her bio at some point. :"D

Mad Dog "Bridgette hart" Rubybeam

OH MAN I love superheroes

I have an old superhero world that I haven't been working on as much, but it's still near and dear to my heart.  The icon pictured was one of the characters that was a comfort character of mine way back in the day, sadly I don't really relate to her as much but she's still near and dear to my heart.  This is going to long and im sorry ahead of time for that.


Bridgette is a weredog, or a were golden retriever if you want to get more specific.  In her world they're typically being who run on high emotions and instincts and they don't really think much, they're highly infectious creatures that have the abilities of marvels hulk.
Naturally, theyre a probelm in the world and superheroes have to take care of them.
Before she got infected, Bridgette was a bit of a bookworm, and a sleuth, she poked her nose into the wrong place and got infected.

Were's can't be cured- the virus completely destroys and remakes cells, but you can give them normal minds again through tools and science!  Bridgette was given another virus, she only has her own mind because the two viruses are too busy fighting each other to gain control.
She was then forced to take on a superhero mantle, during her time as a feral weredog she...kinda destroyed any chance she had at going back to a normal life, i'm not going into details about that because it's pretty heavy stuff (if you look at her profile BE CAREFUL please).

Bridgette is naturally, very sad and confused about her new existence.

The virus was actually created when some stole Wilberts (also known as biostings) research.
Wilberts looking for a cure for cancer, and while looking for a cure he managed to invent and vaccination that had a "diffusion" effect and allowed multiple people to be cured via an air effect, the vaccinated individual just needed to be in the area.
Vaccines are made with viruses, someone took his research while he was in the ocean (He was trapped in heavily mutated jellyfish deep in the ocean for like 20 years, he somewhat fused with it and that's how he has jellyfish DNA) and used it to make the were viruses worse.
Wilbert would prefer to continue his cancer research, but he took up the Biosting mantle when he found his work was being used wrongly and was sort of dragged into a non-stop heroing train.

Weres can be any animal, though there's a focus on Canidae right now, way back in the day there was a felidae outbreak, now most felidae weres disappeared except for 'Coldeye', who uses a gemstone eye to control the virus, he claims that his hard training is whats able to control it.  He's also Bridgettes teacher.

Bridgette joined a young superhero organization called "The Chosen", I don't have many of the members up on toyhouse but I do have Micheal, Or Morpho. He's interesting- He has no superhero powers of his own, instead he uses his smarts and a number of tools to create disguises to trick and imitate both other villians and heroes.  He actually forced his way into The Chosen doing this and sort of acts like a leader.

The only other character in this world on toyhouse isn't really related to these guys, but Hummingbird is a small time villian part of a group called The Guild who do whatever they think is right- that just happens to include robbery and arson sometimes, they're all also stupid and tend to get roped into things by supervillians.
Hummingbirds superpower is supersonic flight.

I have one other character not from my world that's a 'superhero', there's not much on him, he's just sort of a mysterious guy that is seen around from time to time doing things.  His names Dark Carp, he's also a ninja.

Penny Nauples FRAT-RAT


timeandtimor I REMEMBER THIS CUTIE THE MOST, IM SO SORRY FOR THE LATE RESPONSE BUT SHE HAS BEEN ON MY MIND! Shes super cute and i adore the blue lantern stuff, im not well versed in lantern lore but i adore her design!

Megina i adore your ocs, i really love Kayden the most! Her designs are so cute and i adore the work you put into her! bnha isnt a universe im rlly in but your ocs are lovingly designed and crafted!


Rubybeam oh bro i am eating all of that up rn. I adore bridgette and her designs sm and im really digging your superhero verse, i love the unique twist you put on it being were-animals and hummingbird is KIND OF really adorable! 


 FRAT-RAT  Thank you ;A; It makes me really happy that someone enjoys my little brain ideas 

Cutie Gold stuntchica

I have so many Superhero OCs, buckle up kids (put under a spoiler tag bc it got long haha oops, magical girls & super-heroes are my special interest right now fdhdfh)

Magical Girls

  • Charmeine - Dove Magical Girl. Has the ability to turn invisible when she holds her breath. A bit cowardly & anxious, but what do you expect from someone who used to be a common bird?
  • Cutie Gold - Probably my fave OC. Has the ability to turn what she touches into gold. Very idealistic and upbeat! Nothing can get this kid down!
  • Eris - Fox Magical Girl. Has the ability to create magical 'shadows'. They're basically just illusionary clones, think Double Team from Pokemon. They can report back to her, but only if they don't get destroyed. She's a natural trickster & finds socialising difficult, but she tries her best.
  • Momoko - Rabbit Magical Girl. Has the ability to 'change people's minds'. Essentially, body-swapping. She's a sadistic little fucker with a superiority complex. A villain and she knows it.
  • Celestial Leo - Eris's partner. Cat Magical Girl. Has magical claws that can cut through anything. The definition of lawful good. Very moral and cares a lot about helping people. Has a tragic story :(
  • Dandelion Kiss - Has the ability to grant wishes. A mad scientist super-villain. Wants to find out who the strongest magical girl is, so naturally concocts a battle royal (with a twist) to find out.
  • Ellé - Just a kid, and not a magical girl- a mage. She gets caught up in a rather dramatic incident, but it's okay, she ends up a lot better off after than she was before
  • Illustrious Willow - Cutie Gold's girlfriend. Has the ability to communicate with trees. They literally, straight-up talk to her, it's pretty neat. Understanding of others to a fault- gets caught up with herself due to her inability to judge others. Sounds nice, but not the best way to be when someone's trying to murder you.
  • Level Up! - Has the ability to 'change class'. As in RPG class. Her outfit and 'stats' change. A magical girl thief who steals from the rich and sells to the richer.
  • Objecta - Has the ability to 'reduce objects to their simplest state'. It's difficult to describe how it works & she sure as hell doesn't understand it. Objecta is a deaf art student who never asked to be a magical girl & is hating every moment of it.
  • Spectral Blues - Has the ability to create nightmarish hallucinations. She's had a pretty sucky life, but is well on her way to getting things back on track! 
  • Super Ice Idol! - Has the ability to reduce temperature... not really. In reality, she's a magical girl spy who has the ability to share the ability of anyone she touches. She's currently gathering information about a group of magical girl idols.
  • Yui - Has the ability to break any seals. She just shoots at a seal with her cool little gun and boom! It's gone! She's just a kid and doesn't totally get the whole magical girl things, but she's having fun and that's what counts.
  • Akuma - Has the ability to know anyone's true name upon eye contact. A trans woman who is very embarrassed about her aggressive teenagehood. She's trying to be soft and do good deeds to make up for it.
  • Canvastrophe - Has the ability to create magical paintings. The specific effects of the paintings vary, and the longer she spends on them the more powerful they are. She's the curator of an art gallery, but leaves her mascot character to actually run it. She's too busy painting!
  • Hechi - A snake Magical Girl. Has the ability to know anyone's deepest desire. She doesn't really 'get' people, and uses her ability to determine whether or not someone is trustworthy, to... mixed results.
  • Moonbow / Rin Cullen - A grieving kid trying to find out the truth behind her sister's death. Has the ability to manipulate light, though doesn't have much control over it. She's a bit strange & doesn't engage with reality as most people do.
  • Pyxis / HOPER / Olivia Harvey - A super-scientist with sensation transference powers. Anything she feels, she can pass over to others, and anything others feel she can take for herself. She uses her powers in very unhealthy ways, but she's coping. The top-dog when it comes to super-power research
  • Dr E. / Elias - A reformed super-villain. Elias doesn't have any super-powers of his own, and previously was so obsessed with getting some he hurt a lot of people. He's trying to make up for that now by using his brains & influence to run an organisation dedicated to super-powered research & education
  • Gemini / Aquila / Alex Hopper - Olivia's partner. Another scientist, this time with energy manipulation powers- that incapsulates a lot, but he mostly uses it to power machines or heal the injured. Has a brief stint in an alternate universe after an experiment gone wrong.
  • Mia Lewis - Has no super-powers to speak of, but is the heart to a small team of super-powered teens. What she lacks in natural ability she makes up for in brains- and knowledge of common super-hero tropes.
  • Sam Curtis / Zippy - An out and proud bisexual trans boy. He also has the ability to run at super-human speeds. He had a stint as a vigilante hero when he was younger, but after an incident involving a chicken he was given an official warning by the police and forced to stop. He's tentatively giving it another go now
  • Dr Angharad Llewellyn - A physically disabled, bipolar empath. Her empathetic abilities are limited to herself- as in, she can only feel others emotions if she's influencing them in some way. She's a psycho-therapist who works specifically with super-powered people, and is very good at her job. She's a close friend of Dr E. and is the one who gave him a chance to change his ways. She doesn't regret it.
  • Chris Cross - Sam's boyfriend. Has the ability to manipulate time- he can bring an objects backwards or forwards along its personal time. He's gay, but closeted, and is very anxious about this whole super-power thing. He has a wide support circle though, and he's getting there!
  • Damien / Bonfire - A pyrokinetic space alien. He's part of the race that gave humans the potential to develop super-powers. He acts a lot edgier than he really is.
  • Mary Matthews - A telekinetic. Goes to the same school as Mia, Sam and Chris. Her family are part of a church that considers super-powered people as close to God. Mary has mixed feelings about that herself, and feels very pressured to be 'perfect' because she has powers.
  • Niamh O'Neill - Telepathic, but only to plants. Mary's classmate and close friend. Niamh is schizophrenic and has some issues with social communication, but she is trying her best! She uses her telepathy to help keep herself grounded and to reality check herself. Due to her telepathy, mind / perception manipulation abilities can't work on her
I have others but I went off for long enough dfshhfds
Akane VincentVanGoat

Akane is pretty much a Kamen Rider. Like, not the exact same as the actual riders, but yeah she can assume a form like theirs, and the power associated with it. She's also a Cyborg like most if not all Showa era Riders were. She can also take Sentai and Metal Hero forms if she had the right items but well yee I didn't figure any of those out :p She mainly fights monsters and demons, but not all demons or monsters are evil. She knows the ones to fight, the ones to befriend.

Vangoat uses illusions to stop crimes he comes across on occasion. Which hey that helps situations end with no one getting hurt, even if the bad dude thinks he lost his arms or something. The illusions wear off. He doesn't do it for fame or anything, he just died by some criminal, and so he does his best to not wanna see more death, mostly for the innocents, but hey he can also stop a criminal ending up facing cops and getting blown away when the crook doesn't match the police firepower. Cause instead the criminal is mentally messed with, in a way that isn't long lasting, and surrenders. Of course the illusions are blocked by one with a strong mind so he can't always help.

Naoko knows Akane and the group that she works with, and Naoko sometimes helps them out as she's pretty dang powerful, but she's not an upfront hero usually. And when she works with them, she doesn't transform. Though I kinda been thinking that she might be able to take a few forms from Sentai associated with Ki, as she has Aura Power, which is basically just Ki energy, and I took the name from Maskman, so might as well have her not need to be a cyborg to transform into the form of a hero who also used the same kind of power. That also opens Dairanger, and well that's just all sounding like nothing to every other user here, but trust me, that's a rad thing. And when she's not working with them or maybe defending herself in an encounter, she's a typical bounty hunter, and wouldn't consider herself one for the bounty work.

Victoria is not so much one, even if Akane is trying to see if she'd be a good fit, but well someone posted their vigilante, so I'll post mine! She comes from a good meaning place, her world was a hell hole and it was a fight just to survive, so she tries to keep this universe nice and easy going as best she can. An unpredictable fighter, she does pretty good. Sometimes she might get a bit carried away, but usually has herself limited.

Ryoko is a bounty hunter and you'll notice most mine aren't here, but well Ryoko fights for what she believes is justice, and is pretty damn strong, so I'd count her. Her sense of justice isn't perfect, but not like, horribly warped, so she is more or less one I'd say yeah.