...and villans too if youre INTO THAT!

Hello! Im back with another hyper fixation! Please shower me in your superheros, feel free to ramble on abt their backstory and powers, i just want some recognition there are other people out there that are into this stuff.

Any genre btw! Magical girls...ben ten... my hero.. marvel any its all good here. no gatekeeping no judgement

Klugg QuazarStar

I got a supervillain! At least I... think? I have no other super-etc characters, or any settings for it, but her backstory and motivations are like, absolutely perfect for it.

Klugg is a genetic creation who recently broke out of containment and has in-concept-stage plans to change the world for what she considers "for the better". She doesn't have any "powers" as such: she's just really strong, really smart, and has a uh... moral compass that's maybe a little off. She looks weird and has very poor social skills, so she'll need to collect some regular human henchpersons collaborators and some money before she can even think of engaging the first stages of her plans. Which I'm sure will involve totally normal non-criminal activities. Yup.

I'd like to get her into, idk, an RP or a World setting at some point to bounce her off other superpeople OCs. I think she'd be a pretty good minor antagonist who's easy to underestimate >:3c

Måns PrinceJohn

Måns my superhero bapy !!!

He also has a brother named Virgil who's a supervillain