pros and cons of having ur oc as a roommate

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this is basically a roommate version of the "pros and cons of dating ur oc" thread

so what are the pros and cons of having ur oc as a roommate?

are they an ideal roommate?

also oh no i got the ic glitch

Xene Nowell, aka Kell eich

+ Quiet and kind;
+ Can cook delicious dishes from simple components;
+ Has melodic voice and and will sing lullabies for you every night.

- Her long hair is everyplace...

Beck RU-HX

Pros: Easy to get on with, the banter would be great. Interesting to debate with. Gives good advice and is good at helping someone deal with heavy emotions. Good cook, can pick up new dishes quickly on request. 

Cons: Beck's messy and spreads, doesn't tidy up until 5 mins before inspection. He's emotional (especially when drunk) which can come off as him being an over-dramatic drama queen. Sings off-key when bathing, doesn't think he's bad at singing. 

Claude Lovelace Caine

+ Keeps his side of the room super clean
+ Generally gives you a lot of privacy and space
+ Isn't usually even in his room anyway
+ Easy to negotiate with as long as you stay on his good side
+ Might help you with homework if you show how much you need his oh so great skills 

- Depending on who you are might practically ignore you
- Practices playing almost daily so if you're not into that it's probably Not Fun
- Stays up late, if that bothers you
- Others would very much want to room with him too so you might be met with some jealous hostility from others
- Might be kind of scary if you do get on his bad side 

Zoe suckerlouv


-Won't bother anyone, will just do his own thing.

-Respecful of other's personal space.

-Kind and polite.

-Will make coffe for everyone.


-Keeps his things clean.

-Won't comply about almost anything as long as it isn't something personal.


-Will get out at random moments and get back at unholy hours. Sporadic work.

-Will dissapear for days sometimes.

-Sometimes will get back with questionable people.

-Arguing with him is literally hell, he just won't shut the fuck up.

-He might get really clingy and even ask for s*x whenever he gets lonely.

-Hearing his awkward humor sense 24/7.

-Won't hide his..........kinky stuff.....

The Milkman Milkman

Pros: Matias would definitely the kind of guy to make breakfast and dinner almost everyday, and would spare some for his roommate. He's quite dedicated to his job and despite being easily irritable, he listens to you. He keeps the place nice, tidy and simple, and as a roommate, he's very courteous and mindful of your presence. He clearly doesn't want to make too much noise.

Cons: He'll urge you to drink milk. Especially because of how small I am, it'd be annoying to hear him that I'm not drinking enough milk. He's clearly obsessed with it, and I wouldn't be surprised if the fridge was filled with gallon bottles of milk. I wouldn't be able to go throughout a day without consuming anything dairy related.
He probably would disappear for a few days, for unknown reasons why. Definitely a con when I need help around the place.

Noah Just wormancer

- won't be any trouble if you're not any trouble!
- cooks for you (it's not a lot of trouble to make a bit more as long as you don't complain)
- keeps any horrible mess he makes confined to his own space
- he does maintenance cause he doesn't want to hire anyone
- free tattoos!
- free education on the occult!
- your house is guaranteed not haunted

- but if you're a ghost good luck
- so intense abt security you will have trouble getting inside ur own place
- will not compromise about this in any capacity
- fully and entirely an asshole, will get on ur case about anything he doesn't like
- not someone you want to hang out with
- pretty sure he never sleeps?
- punched a hole in the wall once and doesn't want to talk about it

Cora Faiye Wonderland


  • Sweet, lovely bab that will try and make sure you're happy and comfortable at all times.
  • Very creative and will always have something new to show you.
  • Magic... what more could you ask for?
  • Cats... so many cats, all for cuddles.
  • Fluffy tail, and she WILL let you cuddle it.
  • Affectionate, adores contact and cuddles.
  • Good with plants, she will have the nicest garden, and you will always have fresh veg and fruit and herbs (and flowers).
  • She will let you wear her hat.


  • Cats... EVERYWHERE. Which means fur everywhere, mice and birds in your house. CATS. They will knock ur stuff over, they're little jerks.
  • Fur... everywhere. The cats are fluffy but so is Cora. If you think you won't find Cora hair and fur everywhere, you're very wrong. That poor drain suffers.
  • Scared of everything. The door goes? She's hiding. The alarm goes? That's it you won't see her for a week now. Some stranger visits? Byyyeeee, good luck entertaining on your own! Do not expect her to protect you ever.
  • Her magic is a little hard to control, and she will accidentally set fire to things once in a while. She will apologise but just hide your flameable valuables.
  • Do not let her cook, or clean... or do any chores that can go wrong in any way shape or form. She can and will burn, break, ruin, flood and/or permanently destroy all things. She won't mean to... it just happens.
  • Not very lucky, like at all. She might be minorly cursed.
  • She has an undead best friend that smells like rot... this friend will visit... and your house will stink. Good luck.
Lophius lophiusdragon


+can scare away intruders


+pet friendly

+has lots of videogames

+likes cookies and sweets so good if u like those too

+can talk to humans


-big, like she can jump onto the couch and everyone might fly off

-lots of bugs (unless u like bugs then that would be a pro)

-might scare guests

-sensitive to smells and loud noises

Ryn Aarix


  • super tidy
  • if something breaks ryn is gonna try to fix it
  • generally good in conversation, good at lifting the mood in a place. Won't just cloister himself away in his room, all being well
  • generally considerate
  • good cook & will make nice cakes n stuff to share (but like good luck actually getting any before ryn demolishes the whole thing himself)
  • never seems to have guests of his own
  • goes out whenever he gets the chance so you'll have the place to yourself a lot


  • troublingly secretive
  • animals hate him so much, pets are out of the question
  • seems to lose his shit about the most minor annoyances
  • will get cranky if you so much as think about touching any of his things
  • will fight your guests if he doesn't like them
  • will flirt with them if he does
  • smokes, so there's a spot in the backyard/verandah that perpetually reeks of smoke. 
    • if you're househunting, you just got 60% less appealing as prospective tenants
  • sure ryn, 2am is a great time to practice your slap bass techniques. what do you mean you didn't realise it was 2am
  • ryn's magic situation
    • can accidentally fuck with your wifi connection
    • muffled noises of agony are annoying, especially when the youtube vid u were watching isn't loading
  • why is there a hole in the wall, Ryn? Ryn. We need to talk about this, Ryn
  • stoned like 1/4 of the time
  • Recovering alcoholic, emphasis on the ing. how fucking much have you had to drink wtf ryn its 5pm on a wednesday
  • gets mega depressed sometimes & wont leave his room & will yell at you to get fucked if you try & poke
  • living with someone as mentally ill as Ryn is taxing
  • his hair is so long and thick it turns up everywhere, good luck ever getting all traces of him out of your carpet/lounge/whatever
Dr Tobias Jasper Blackwell III FellowPigeon


+ Will very easily give in to letting you copy his homework

+ Gives you a lot of privacy

+ Actually a pretty decent cook

+ If something breaks, he will fix it, no matter what it is


-Terrible at conversations

- Very loud as he's constantly clanging away on some project and muttering to himself. Not to mention he probably has multiple cuckoo clocks decorating his side of the room

- Does this man ever sleep? Or leave the room for that matter?

Emmy zinnia

emmy has historically just straight up moved into peoples houses out of nowhere so


  • you'll always be able to reach things that are high up
  • never fail history trivia ever again
  • if someone is mean to you she'll probably kick their ass?
  • will listen to you (or at least pretend to) for however long you need
  • gives pretty okay advice i guess?
  • not a bunch of laundry because she just wears the same thing
  • might or might not accidentally fall for you leading to a 20+ year long relationship and the weirdest family possible
  • like if she gets comfortable she'll just love the heck out of you; she's a sweetheart but im writing these like she found you looking for roommates of craigslist okay
  • please dont let her try to cook im begging you
  • might just straight up leave without a trace one day and never talk to you again until you're 80
  • if she actually gets settled in she'll bring all her junk antique hoard with her. hope you have a spare room, there's a lot
  • ...probably a freeloader and doesn't pay bills
  • either doesn't leave the house all day or comes home at 3 am
  • she'll eat your chips
Fetter paranormal-thingum


  • there will be a lot of candy in your house (somewhat debatable as a pro but i think its good)
  • won't throw parties without telling you or at all
  • won't eat your leftovers in the fridge because she doesnt eat normal food
  • smells nice?


  • there is a very large chance she is terrified of you
  • will get more terrified if there is a group of people in one place due to her extreme fear of anything she might think is a party so you will not be able to have maybe more than one guest over if she is present
  • she eats all of that candy i mentioned before you can get to it
  • confetti everywhere because she sheds it when shes nervous so you have to be vacuuming at all times
  • birthday parties would be very awkward
Thanatos lophiusdragon


+very clean and organized


+night owl but wont keep u up at night




-doesnt like visitors


-gloomy taste in interior decorating