pros and cons of having ur oc as a roommate

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this is basically a roommate version of the "pros and cons of dating ur oc" thread

so what are the pros and cons of having ur oc as a roommate?

are they an ideal roommate?

also oh no i got the ic glitch

Artifex Polymorphus


Friendly, great at chatting

Okay with all kinds of pets

Loves watching movies with everyone

Doesn't party

Will share food

Can tell when your temperature changes (great for predicting a flu) 

Great at chasing down burglars and scaring the shiest out of them

You will have a koi pond in your back yard



Can not cook

Finds it difficult to do laundry

Does not pick up on small social cues 

Sings loudly whether you like it or not 

There will be a koi pond

No this is not debatable

Lol where did the chickens come from?

Lark Finches


Super sweet and easy to talk to

Takes beautiful photos 

Very clean and polite 

Wouldn't invite a ton of people over

Listens to music I like and wouldn't blast it. 

Would replace anything he used the last of. 


A bit socially naive 

Doesn't know how to cook very well

Doesnt hold a steady job. Works as a freelancer. 

Way too passive to a fault. 

Bad with money. Generally doesn't see money as important and actually views it as an issue with society. 

Lily 'of the Valley' WhiskeyWorks

Eye candy
Gives good style advice
Will help you do your makeup

Very mean
Very, very mean
May try to murder you
Literally everything else

00. SCP-5000: Matt MetalheadMolly


Decent at cooking

Very friendly if he likes you

Relatively quiet since he reads a lot

Will probably sort things for you if you ask


Eats raw meat, not a fun sight

Will freak out over high pitched noise

Mouth hands..

Could eat you whole if you anger him

Angela Zhu Akeya


- Will cook for you

- When she opens up to you, she'll be very caring and become worrisome when you don't come back home after a while

- Constantly ask you if you have eaten yet 


If you get mad at her for any reason and yell at her, she will cry.

- Very anti-social. Probably won't talk to you at first. 

- Sometimes she'll become mute on purpose and lock herself in her room, might not cook for you if this happens. 

01. Jax Shayochism


- Clean and tidy.
- Quiet for the most part.
- Will keep your area tidy and clean too.


- Always brings randomers home for sex.
- Can be noisy.
- Has too many books.

Firion polkadot


-Smells like flowers and will spread the smell in the whole room

-Will clean and organize alphabetically your closet when you're gone

-All in all just cute looking


-Dead mice everywhere

-Cackling in the middle of the night

-Will stare at you when you sleep with a knife in hand

Anais Archer ChietheDemon


Will always clean first. Like, always. 

She pays the bills (or at least reminds you about them)

Is good at cooking


Boring and quiet

Kind of uncomfortable

🌙 (2. 风眠 (Fēng Mián)) puhlizzyy

+ He's handsome so he can serve as an eye refresher.
+ Has a good grasp on boundaries, so will give you space and won't meddle where he's not welcomed.
+ Crafty hands! Can fix and make accessories and trinkets.
+ A good cook. His mooncakes, especially, are to die for.

+ Quiet. He's not a noisy roomie, but in return he expects you give him some peace and quiet too.
+ An old soul. He loves books, warm tea, hot baths, etc. If you find these kinda people boring.. then.. yeah.

+ Stickler for rules. He'll have you guys sitting down to set ground rules. No noise past 10pm! No bringing friends unprompted! etc.
+ Individualistic. Most times he'll settle for being alone which may create awkwardness.
+ Hard to get close to. Or maybe impossible to get close to? He'll tolerate you at best but it's unlikely you'll be roommates turn besties.

Hana timeandtimor

pros: sweet, doesn't come out her own space often, quiet, won't throw parties or invite others over

cons: tinkers constantly so her workspace is a mess, nosy when she does arrive (tho well-intentioned), runs a semi illegal business, too enthusiastic all the time

Eris stuntchica


  • Very energetic & motivated to do house-work
  • Intelligent, can probably fix anything that goes wrong
  • Never a dull moment with a trickster around
  • Will absolutely murder anyone who looks at you funny
  • Very energetic... too energetic. Where does she get that energy? Doesn't she know you're trying to sleep?
  • Can fix anything that goes wrong... because she was probably the one to break it in the first place
  • Never a dull moment with a trickster around. Even when you really, really want there to be just one
  • Will absolutely murder anyone who looks at you funny. Even if you could have handled that. Eris, there was no need to assault that catcaller, now we have to go to the police station. Again