pros and cons of having ur oc as a roommate

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this is basically a roommate version of the "pros and cons of dating ur oc" thread

so what are the pros and cons of having ur oc as a roommate?

are they an ideal roommate?

also oh no i got the ic glitch

Kalani MistCat


He would do all the maintenance, even if something wasn't broken he'd probably try to redesign it to make it better. 

Would stay in his room so you'd hardly have to interact with him.

Takes quick showers so he wouldn't hog the bathroom.

If you're in college he'd totally help you with your tests/projects.

Would remind you if you're late for something or had planned to do something special that day. 

Good with tech so if your phone or computer is buggy he'd fix it, or even build a new computer for you.

He won't eat the last piece of pizza, or the ice cream you left in the freezer for a special occasion. 


Very pushy, doesn't realize what your doing could possibly be more important then what he's doing. 

He probably hoards old computer parts and scrap metal for his projects. If his room would get too messy he'd store some in your room.

Would steal stuff from you for his projects.

He'd borrow stuff and it'd be a long time before you'd get it back.

He's arrogant and thinks he's better than you.

Would get very upset if you invited friends over and didn't tell him beforehand.

Very awkward when the conversations haven't been pre-rehearsed in his mind.  

All of his emotions channel into 'Angry and snappy'

Hardly sleeps so you could hear him pacing around or working at 3am.

Would ask you to turn the tv off as soon as you turn it on. 

Very judging, and will make you feel bad about how you look or how your room looks, even if he does it unintentionally.

Is wanted by law enforcement. 

Insomnia Walrushi


Has many eyes, so he can see anything and everything - good for looking out for thiefs.


Has many eyes, so he can see anything and everything. EVERYTHING.

Is a demon of restlessness, so you won't get any sleep.

Will give you nightmares and sleep paralysis!


-is generally very friendly
-always keeps the room clean
-want ur space? u got it. dumah will respect your personal bubble and privacy
-if you're having a bad day, dumah can calm you down
-sometimes youll hear him humming and its very calming and nice. it sounds soft and trained
-will bring you food and gifts if he goes out somewhere
-doesnt invite many people over bc he doesnt have a lot of friends lol dam pretty
-he'll help you with your homework
-need to look like you got a boyfriend so your friends dont laugh at you for being lonely? just ask dumah to fake it and theres like a 75% chance he'll accept or he'll help you find someone
-cooking GOD
-will pay the bills when its his tur

-theres something off about him that makes people feel a little uncomfortable
-probably does not trust you at all
-he never tells you about his personal problems unless if it involves you. the next time he opens up to someone will be his autopsy
-if he gets attached / falls in love with you, it'll all over for you man
-unintentionally listens into your conversations, even if you leave the room. he has really good hearing
-its hard to hide things from him
-he doesnt have a job. where does he get his money. this is suspicious
-you better pack your things when he finds someone he likes bc chances are that he will start killing people including you
-lowkey says creepy things???
-definitely picks up on social cues, but doesn't act on them sometimes
-he was in the other room just a second ago now he here?? now did he get here?? how did he get in??

Klaus Wicker SonieTheDog


- He's small, so he won't eat all of your food

- Possibility of gaining super powers

- Likes the cold, so he won't mind the house being cold (pro for me, maybe a con for someone else lol)


- He can easily spy on you

- Selfish, probably won't do any chores

- Will probably leave webs EVERYWHERE

Crowley RadiantRaindragon


  • If you got bored then you'd someone to talk to, play games with, go out eating with, etc.
  • He's a great fighter so he could defend the place if thieves broke in
  • He often goes out, especially at night, so you'd have alone time
  • Likes to play his violin really badly on purpose at 3AM
  • Will probably come home drunk all the time
  • Really loud and disruptive
  • He won't tidy up any messes he makes in the house, you'll have to do all the chores
  • Will probably steal your money and use it to buy junk food
  • Might suddenly decide to kill you
Julia Wright/Henry Newman Cliodna


-Cleans the dishes after herself

-Furthermore does general tidying up in communal areas! Whoo!

-Shares things she cooks with roomies.

-Speaking of food - knows british ration-era recipes, can teach how to live a whole week on like two eggs, a piece of bacon and veggies.

-Has props galore and loves helping with your Halloween costume

-2 in 1: Guyfriend/Galfriend in a single person, depending on the mood!

-Good jogging buddy.


-Lowkey neat-freak, gets passive-aggressive if you leave messes behind.

-Snoops around in your stuff and then denies it i.e. checking your drawers or reading letters left laying about.

-Fits of paranoia.

-Lies spontanesously. And lies and lies and lies until all the little "I didn't use your razor"'s and "The mirror was always cracked"'s become into this one big, monstrous, gaslight-smelling falsehood.

-Brings weird women over sometimes. Not even sexy women either half the time.

-There's been a mysterious black van parked across the street all week.

-Everything reeks of tobacco stench now. You are one with the tobacco stench. Your roommate takes a break from puffing to tell you to open a window and that they can't smell anything.

Jane Church bogonvogon

- comforts you when you're sad
- cleans up after herself
- always doing fun things
- magically strong so no threat risk

- tries to make you get up at 6am to go on a morning jog/watch a movie
- her horn sounds like Cthulhu's burps and is just as loud
- uses too many bath bombs
- after a while the milk tea she buys for you and herself every day starts tasting like liquid diabetes

Daijiro nanamint


  1. if you love being alone then the apartment's basically yours because you'll rarely see or hear daijiro
  2. has good taste in music, he won't blast it though
  3. you can kinda bribe him into giving you a free tattoo (for practice) or a discount


  1. can't cook for nobody
  2. can barely clean up after himself
  3. you'll will never be able to get along with him
  4. don't even go anywhere near his room
  5. he's so unapproachable  + he'll probably make you his slave lol
  6. you will have to deal with the smell of ink and other art supplies
  7. you'll go broke because of him, especially because the only time you can drag him along is to bribe him with food

Vincent Vangoat VincentVanGoat

A Ghost who can make illusions so if someone tries to hurt you, he'll do his best to stop them and save you. If illusions fail, he'll just get in the way and take all the hits, since in my universe Ghosts are capable of being physically there.
He won't eat your food in the fridge. He can eat for fun and all, but he doesn't need to eat so like, he'll go buy a pizza if he wants to eat, not take the thing you are looking forward to.
Is a ghost who doesn't need to sleep or anything, so if you have a visitor in town, he'll gladly give up his comfy bed for them to use.
If you are bringing someone back for uh, things, he'll go float off and do other stuff for as long as you need.
A good friend. He will also gladly give you a lift on his Motorcycle.
You'll also more or less have Violette as a roommate too, though that has some cons. But she's pretty rich so rent is easier, and she's a good friend too.

He's loud. He no longer has a sense of when to do things per a typical sleep schedule. So it could be 2am and he decides it's time for a bass solo. Or a keyboard medley. 
Violette and him also like to play fight. A lot. They get really into it and while they usually don't do their ability to physically collide with stuff, they sometimes forget to watch out. So yeah, shit gets broken.
Is all about Tokusatsu, which includes watching it rather loudly, plus that ties into his and Violette's play fighting.
He and Violette also like to spook friends.
While I did say he'd be cool about food, he might change his tune if there's sushi involved.
He comes and goes at all hours. And floats around the apartment.
As he and Violette like to help with lost spirits who need to find their way, you might have spirits infest the place for a bit.
He bleats a lot. Which sets Violette off. And that gets him going again, and yeah, if you ever had two Huskies and had them howl before, it's exactly like that. Just with bleats.