show me your characters with joke traits!

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if this has already been done tell me but holy shit i wanna see normal characters with like a few weird memey traits? sorry if this is too specific but i literally named a character ricken morty and he’s an actual character i value and i wanna know if anyone else pulls that shit

this is great you guys im so glad i made this thread 

🍑 Peaches 🍑 MissPeaches

Her name was given to her by her butt being big like a peach  //coughs

Captain Jas Faulkes WhiskeyWorks

Okay, so I take my good man Captain Jas Kit Faulkes very seriously (sometimes)... but one of my absolute favourite bits of his backstory arose from my inability to think of a great pirate ship name. I ended up just going with the first thing that gave me a hearty laugh, and christened it The Patrick Harris, under the ruthless command of Captain Neil.

Vega paranormal-thingum

genuinely dont remember what the taco bell thing was about

Taro Tick

I once joked about Taro being a Homestuck fan, but it kinda stuck and now he also has at least one fantroll

Andrik Owens Phantasmal

I made a haha weed 4/20 joke to a friend while figuring out Andrik's personality, and now that's just... him.

Kabelo Ekbert-Roman Kace Beefy

Kabelo by far is one of my most intimidating and serious characters both in and out of canon... except for the fact that hes a vampire kinker who fantasizes about smooching edward cullen from twilight.

Olivier Bernard Judas-la-Carotte

He's a tree 


tadashi was originally a very minor character bc his brother kobas really important to me. his literal only role was to interrupt koba during serious times while hes in his room and shout "ITS ME!! YOUR BROTHER!!!!!!! TADASHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

and then he began becoming more developed... but that part still sticks to him. now whenever hes about to enter a bedroom/dorm room he always knocks very annoyingly and shouts "ITS ME!!!!! YOUR (BLANK)!!!!!!!!! TADASHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Silas Falkenstein Jules

He occasionally goes to KFC at 3am to get fast food. Has been jokey canon since his creation.

Drake Serpico Architeuthid

Drake's entire premise, honestly. A joke "not to be confused with the New Illuminati, the Reformed Illuminati, the Reorganized Bavarian Illuminati, the Illuminati Society, or any of the other splinter factions." turned into the entire story premise, a crack about the Earth being filled with molten cheese turned into the cheese smuggling, and a random suggestion of "what if he glowed in the dark" turned into an entire backstory plot and a permanent character design trait. Yet he actually otherwise has a pretty reasonable personality and character. He just has a weird life.

Pawpawpaw Almondlover

"Hey, pawpaws are a fruit, right?"

Maverick Johnson AlleycatIrony

he has a huge mcdonalds symbol embroided on the back of his jacket
he insists it's 'm' for 'maverick' but everyone knows he put it on there bc his jacket is red and yellow

besides that? his entire being and existence is a joke

Nico Calvaruso Kirbygal

He's old but gold and would wear this shirt despite not being an actual grandpa and create dabbing snowmen in the winter and will nico nico nii into ur heart ♡ C:

Roswell Butcher fizzelston

He legitly gets distracted by ánything shiny

Hestria VincentVanGoat

I was eating either chicken nuggets or fried chicken when I said She's all about chicken as a joke... and well it's not a joke anymore. Same with her napping. Once a joke but kinda figured why not make it more of a thing?