show me your characters with joke traits!

Posted 2 months, 11 days ago (Edited 21 days, 15 hours ago) by spiritphone

if this has already been done tell me but holy shit i wanna see normal characters with like a few weird memey traits? sorry if this is too specific but i literally named a character ricken morty and he’s an actual character i value and i wanna know if anyone else pulls that shit

this is great you guys im so glad i made this thread 

Francis RU-HX

The base inspiration of Francis's character was the irony of a Naval officer who was prone to seasickess. 

As I developed him the seasickness stuck as a trait.

Fairith Nefere

I made this guy as a joke, just to make the edgiest looking necromancer possible, along with a black and red colors scheme. What ended up happening was that he became one of my most favorite characters! I still affectionately call him my Edgy Boi.

Emerald Corentin Rousseau NihilisticTiger

I have no idea when or why, but his accent is similar to a country accent. It's the regular accent for where he lives, but honestly, I want to know why I made that a thing?? I want to keep it, because I love it?? But I don't understand it??? Like, was I listening to Sweet Home Alabama when creating him????? @ me of the past, I need aNSWERS

the ultimate joke trait

a joke i'm not even in on