if this has already been done tell me but holy shit i wanna see normal characters with like a few weird memey traits? sorry if this is too specific but i literally named a character ricken morty and he’s an actual character i value and i wanna know if anyone else pulls that shit

Caja Danyo Bluesulfur

Started as a joke npc for D&D that was basically fantasy weird al (Because i was listening to him tons around when i designed him??) but i ended up getting attached to him so he became an important character

Adam MasterShortpants

Adam is a conspiracy theorist. Lately he’s been getting into donut earth theory.

Aside from characters on my Toyhouse, I have a few wip characters whose names are all puns/jokes, notably a cat with ADHD named Sam Catterbrain (S. Catterbrain. Scatterbrain. Scatterbrain), and a side character who goes by Spark L. Dog. It’s awful. I love them.

The Prince Historia

Bread is his favorite food

Cyrus Bell Caine

I don't know if this is meme-y enough but Cyrus is relatively good at playing the piano and as such uses this power for evil, and by this I mean he makes these mockery songs about teachers etc with other boys and then actually plays them with a piano. He can also come up with mockery songs himself and he is an alright singer too? He could be singing in a choir or something but no he just uses this to make fun of adults mostly. It's the same energy as learning to play meme songs basically 

Lancaster Jackwell wormancer

I LOVE THIS THREAD everyone here is so fun...

seconding whiskeyworks on naming your swashbuckler's ship stupid shit, the ship Lancaster used to work on was named the Bay's Blade =)

also Carol, who can't eat anything but raw meat without getting sick, still drinks milk? its to keep she teeth strong?
(for some reason I have a lot of food-related joke traits... Rien the severe and merciless is bribeable with ginger ale and Jess's tough guy aesthetic is killed cause of her Thing about apple juice)

Jiminy Quick WhiskeyWorks

Love it, wormancer. There's just something truly grand about a massive seafaring vessel with a very tongue-in-cheek title.

But how could I post Faulkes and just forget this dumb fool? He's pretty much a walking joke!  Basically just your average Bostonian from an alternate reality whom I created to annoy the heck out of our D&D party. GO SOX!

Tsuko celestiials

His power can literally be used to kill someone via earrape, does that count

Mayor Jackal FoofyFaun

I mean... just look at him.

Hana MasterShortpants

Oh god, now that I think about it, Hana totally has a joke trait regarding her powers, too. So, because of her lack of control over her powers, if she spends too long in one spot just sort of zoning out, not focusing on controlling them, the plants that form around her basically become miniature jungles. Normal enough, right? But there’s a running gag in her stories of these jungles always, inexplicably, sprouting giant flytraps that inevitably end up trying to eat someone or something. In the story where I won her it was a bird, in the story where she met her best friend, t h e y were the one who was eaten, when the two of them were trying to find Vesna’s parents it was the boyfriend of an unnamed villager... you’d think she was doing it on purpose!

Draco Flame SweetlyViolent

Basically all of Draco’s like not-gonna-kill-you traits are based on me and my bud’s injokes 

Like his verbal crutch is saying ‘yes’ after lots of stuff if it’s in a language that isn’t his native (like English lol) is after a foreign teacher of ours, as is his overall Russian-ness

Anselm von Werther Judas-la-Carotte

A literal memelord. Dabbed in 2500 BC. 

Has also already printed an existing partition, went back to the past, met its original composer and gave it to them so the piece has never been written by anyone. Has also done the same with books.

Pacify (Minitron) Saltminer

This gal right here? The one with a ton of suits?? I mostly just parody iron man suits to make em (but I haven’t posted any of those.... yet ;0) and this suit, specifically, has an LED screen that lights up with symbols and messages. So of course I had to pull a griffin McElroy and meme it up real hard with these 2 canonical pics: here and here

Nyx htespagheti

almost everything about him started as a joke jhgfdfghjkh

Xiun suckerlouv

His whole life is a joke, I mean he is a smol and seemingly cute boy except he talks and behaves like an anime thug 

Also not exactly a trait but I use him to practice my drawing skills by redrawing him in the weirdest stock images 


Not really an OC, but i made an adopt that nobody took and one of the character traits were "Plays Toontown, probably greens." 

Greening is trolling btw