characters you absolutely love that others have?

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i dont know if this is a common thing, but i REALLY love other people’s OCs and i have personal favorites! sorry for making two recent threads but jghvhbhbj 

whether it be story or design, just gush about a character you like that’s owned by someone else! i don’t know if this would be awkward to do but i’m just trying it out. i’m not sure if i should @ anyone when their OC is mentioned but i probably won’t due to Possible Awkward



ok im gonna reply to my own thread but i really really like

she gives off wholesome energy and i live for that, i think i remember first seeing her when she was used in a reply to my character view and i was instantly like “YAH GOOD CHARACTER ALERT” i can’t really explain but she just seems like a real nice character and it makes me happy whenever i see her


i really LOVE, i'm in love with her design and personality, strong and dominant women are the best character archetype ever. 

AND WHEN SHE REPLIED TO MY POST IN A FORUM GAME THREAD, omg i felt something change within me. 

its shame that i don't see her very often in forum games anymore, either that or i'm blind as hell and can't see her. 

eitherway, I love her character and i think she's worthy of much more favs that what she has now. 


ghnHGN i hope its not unfair of me to just,,, say all of my gfs ocs// theyre all so important to me in their different ways and for personal reasons too, i love all of their personalities and designs and everytime my gf makes more i just. flourish.

im especially attached to yuuma, i call him my son a lot and hes actually made me cry out of being overwhelmed with sheer joy for him ghnHG ITS SILLY BUT I JUST... LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH


All of alrozsk 's children are my sons okay, okay?

Specifically Urul (who I believe is private woops), but,, all of them are just so pretty and well developed and filled with love? Fight me.


i'd literally fucking lay down my life for this man god

like i love all my bf's characters but rem is The Ultimate Fave... i do also rly like elektr, m'jazii, lesili, VOX.... the list goes on ;w;

man i love a lot of my friends' OCs too but none of them have a TH except for one so i'm gonna have to say saffron bc she's been a fave of mine for YEARS, and i rly love ash too


I always keep tabs of my friends OCs but many don't have a th so I'll just share who does lmao

Lyuut has the best little tight knit group, but I definitely adore Caed and Lyuut the most, gosh THEYRE SO GOOD

Huolon has so many pretty ones too g o s h, but my heart belonged to Ashlynn first<333 I actually commissioned the same person she did for Ashlynn's original art and I was so curious that when I found her on th months later, it was so exciting ;v;

But then I saw THIS COOL AF CHICK??? Rhory is the best ok just look at her profile and all that glorious art (I should gush more to Huo about Rhory and Ash LOL)

And, I hope it's ok to ping, but when I first joined th and found Finches , I fell in love with their mains almost at first sight. Finch and Castle and Lark and Nazca and Redrum-- just check their characters out if you haven't seen em yet ! Just all such beautiful children, I get excited seeing what new art they get just so I can admire it. Their designs are all so nice it's just peaceful and soothing to go through their gallery when I'm stressed, and I've been an admirer of their OCs ever since ;v;


(Sorry in advance if y'all didn't wanna be pinged!)

Here's Lucine, owned by witchies, and I love this girl so much?? She's so precious and optimistic, and she's also Callum's loving girlfriend; their relationship is basically my favorite OC ship between my OC and someone else's OC besides another one below >v<

This is Raphael, owned by Alien8! He's a vampire! I love his relationship with my Wereraptor gal, Thalia (it's my other favorite ship between my OC and someone else's OC) it's so cute and the tragedy surrounding him is sad but earns sympathy points from me >v< I also really really like Animosity, like, the fourth wall breaking is strong with this one! He is aware of the fact that the owner is the writer of their OCs' stories, but knows that no one would believe him if he told them that a writer existed and controlled them, it's genius XD I might want to try that sometime it sounds like fun!

Walter is the best good idiot, owned by FutureChiken! XD I just love this boy so much, everything about him appeals to me; his design, powers, personality, backstory, everything! He's actually in an rp that I'm participating in as well, and I love the kinda blossoming friendship between him and my totally not a demon boy Asriel who is dedicated to giving him as much happiness as he possibly can!

Pacify from Saltminer is awesome! I love that she's a superhero and a pacifist who uses kindness and well-chosen words when faced with an opponent! I first saw her in an IC game thread when she was replying to my character, and I was immediately like, "I have to check her out right now!", and since then I've felt happy whenever I see her in the forums! She's just so kind, and I love that she is able to take her weaknesses and turn them into strengths ;v;


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I have a long list of characters I adore so I tried not to ramble too much but these are some of my first thought characters when I saw the thread 

obbscure's Pierre has been one of my fves ever since I saw him for the first time? There is just something so very memorable about him
circlejourney's Felix is another character who comes to mind and honestly might have actually been one of the first characters I saw from them?
Judas-la-Carotte's Olivier who I feel like I declare my love for in a super obnoxious manner but sometimes... you just gotta....
Cioccolata's Aurel!! He's honestly the cutest and I adore his teeth and freckles in particular.... 5/5 would buy from him if I saw him at the farmers market
octosqueesh's Cas and Nettle both and I'd Die for them
pajuxi's Barbie who is just iconic honestly like she's the first dainty I clearly remember and her looks are just ;_; < 333
Pita's Kikuo who I'm a bit gay for 


A lot of my Squad's ocs. I love them to death lol. And I love a lot of -Flamey- and Parasolhyena's characters too.


rEeEe gonna add more later :')

Ravannah's OCs are flipping beautyful and she inspires me a lot, but Black Friday will always be my fav ;w; just look at this design- he's perfect-

RustHeart's Inkstone and Magpiepool. Inkstone picked my eye with his design and idea and Magpie is surely a cutie. I love black cats.


vv Yw, Rav! I'm happy that I made your day, keep doing your amazing work. <3


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!!! Thank you, Caine! I'm high-key thrilled that you like him enough that he came to mind immediately? I feel validated that I have done a good job portraying him in his profile and art!

What a good idea for a thread—here are some of the OCs that really leap to mind as "favourite OCs I've run into on this website" (there could be a lot more but I'd go on forever):

  • Fokron's *Sylvester R. Walker* came straight to mind. First off, his design is beautiful and has a lot of the traits I enjoy (I love male characters with long tied up hair, don't @ me). Second off, every single detail of his writing and personality shouts "fave" to me; he intrigues me so much (look I wrote a whole comment on the subject)
  • Caine's Harha is, uh, mega fave? He captures everything I love about nautical ghost stories, that lingering tragedy that follows the tormented everywhere they go and can never be washed away. And that's not even beginning on that design, the blue is delicious and his eyes are so haunting, I stared at his art for a while after he was posted...
  • bulgariansumo's Mai Nangong is one of my favourite characters not only on TH, but in general. I could write pages about her, but let's say she is very #relatable, and the chapter story that focuses on her genuinely shook me up (in a good way) because of that. As with all others mentioned her, [sheds a tear at that beautiful design]
  • Wonderland's Iminathi Nyami! Look at that design, wow! It gives me such a thrill to read about her reckless and over-the-top personality, she's such a badass and would be an absolute blast to see in action. She was one of the first OCs I was ever commissioned to draw and honestly she's stuck around in my memory ever since.
  • 123penguin64's Aidan Lawson—someone help this accident-prone child, everything about him fills me with protective instinct. Really liked him from the day I was asked to draw him (this seems to happen a lot) and just very attached now (and also to the other main Bridgeport kids), I love seeing him around in forum games and I'm so proud he has an icon I drew.
  • Judas-la-Carotte's Lumirel. I know it's kinda funny that I'm declaring my love of God (or a personification thereof) but, as I think I've said many times in various places, She's such a great, adorable and amusingly quirky take on the actual God, I am constantly making heart eyes at Her design

(I'm not sure if you three wanted to be pinged. If not, forgive me. ;3;)

I'm gonna mention three of my most favorite characters by other people:

Judas-la-Carotte's Raziel! I just want to say that I really love and adore his design too much! Also, he just seems to be really polite. I just adore him in general.~

cresom's Jude is also another character that I adore a lot! His design is just so cute, and also, he just seems really unique personality-wise.

hnai's characters are really great, but Jaws has to be my favorite from her. I really love his backstory, and my favorite bit from it is about the fact that he has been missing his old magician friend for many days. I really enjoy his character and design as well.


good thread

im sleepy right now but literally every gal hedgemaze makes is a+????????? like...... all of them... scratch that every character hej makes is good and im a big fan of all of them !!! (but very specifically happy because im predictable and im a big sucker for rowdy gals)