characters you absolutely love that others have?

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i dont know if this is a common thing, but i REALLY love other people’s OCs and i have personal favorites! sorry for making two recent threads but jghvhbhbj 

whether it be story or design, just gush about a character you like that’s owned by someone else! i don’t know if this would be awkward to do but i’m just trying it out. i’m not sure if i should @ anyone when their OC is mentioned but i probably won’t due to Possible Awkward



SoulLugia11 omg this was such a nice ping,, to combat this i love lugia's pippin !!!!! i absolutely adored drawing him and i wish i could protect him at all costs...


I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mon-Cheri 's Chéri!!! 

She's so unique and cute, I adore her design and how much work there was put into her!! She's a bABIE,, and I absolutely would protect this angel at all costs!!



Ok I just absolutely adore haiiroko’s character Daegan!!! Her story (well what I know if it so far) is incredibly unique and superb and I just can’t get over how well thought out and intriguing it is?? Not to mention her design!! Daegan’s design is very unique and really memorable! I just love the idea of entirely greyscale characters?? And Haiiroko here has executed that perfectly with Daegan!!

I just love Daegan so much 11/10 would hug.


Thanks so much SoulLugia11 means so much 

I love all most all of GalaxySky OC's they are so cute, have great stories and generally would fit my aesthetic 

again I really love alot of imnessie OC's they have some lovely designs and great aethetic's

kittyee I just love them , there characters, there art and everything else :D my first friend on here 

InkAndBone has some awesome characters with great designs :D

honourable mentions StormTheBard , SoulLugia11 , FluffyJo , SuperiorKenshi , SakuraBean they all have amazing oc's :D xx 


SoulLugia11 and SiannieG36 you guys are so sweet!

I have huge soft spots for KindleKitsune 's OCs. Like, I still remember when some of them were still new and seeing them grow has been amazing! And Kindles DnD babs are just fantastic! I love them so much!

akairyuu has some incredible OCs! Their designs are super interesting and what info I know about some of them has made me love them so much! Vii's characters are so fascinating and I love the direction they're going with them!

Feliii has some truly interesting characters! They all have something about them that makes them stand out and I love them! I have a personal soft spot for Anon and Prince, though!

Ghosty-Birb oh, man! Birb's OCs give me life! I have a massive soft spot for Phantom and Domino, mostly because these guys have been a ton of fun to discuss!

Barbilou has so many fun characters it's not even funny! I really like Camero and Jamni! They just make me so happy!

SoulLugia11 right off the bat, I REALLY love Osiris and Gavin! Plus everyone in Vivilion!

SiannieG36 so many characters I can't choose a favourite, but I love the variation! I always see a character I like when I claim them during art games, so there's always someone fun to draw!



Aaah that's so sweet of you to say :'D Thank you so much, I'm so glad you enjoy my characters <3

I really like yours too, I always have fun drawing them for art games :D


Random round two bc I CAN--

I LOVE TroyOwO 's characters!!! ALL OF THEM ARE SO GOOD....... I especially like Troy, Dream and Ichigo though!!

dONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON Cosminity 's CHARACTERS....... I lov abysmal theyre my fav garbage child 8sibujsus jokes aside, they're a v interesting character!! Although that can be said for every one of their kids!!!

Aaaa okay but!!! celestiials ' characters are all so gOOD!!! Like,, it's so hard to pick favorites they're all amazing........ I really love Persona, Adastra and Mairne though!!

GalaxySky 's Marlin is adorable and I would protect him with my life. No other words need to be spoken.

Jokes aside,, I love Marlin!!


oml there is so so so many....but i smile every time i see Aysh 's babe Raira. she so cute and i love her hair and all her art and she looks so drawable that im it with inspiration everytime i see her!


haiiroko AAAAA YOU'RE TOO KIND OMG??? ;-;

I'll return with more people later but I just wanna get some quick words out; all of your characters are hella interesting and I really love seeing them in my inbox, they're just really amazing and creative! All of your characters also have neat designs too; their colors go so well together! I think one of my faves would be Munin, they're a really cool spin on creator gods and I'd love to see more of your projects in general!! (Also when I come back, I'll probably drop a lot more words on one of your characters hehe)



Awww thank you so much!! I'm so happy that you love Marlin so much :'D 


I'll leave a brief list of kiddos I really like rn and maybe come back later when my Wi-Fi isn't so slow due to being home for spring break :'D

Swissy 's Watson is one that I came across in the fave design forum game and I find him so adorable ;w; space themed designs are also always a plus for me ^^

kittyee 's Unibirb is so creative, colorful, and unique and I can't help but love her :'D I don't remember where I first saw her but she is amazing 

TheStrayCat 's Niam! I did art of him and he was so fun to draw! I love his colors and the little planets and stars on his tail, he's just so cute :D

Stormchi 's Vivie! I just now got around to actually faving her but I've seen her around before and she is so cute!! I think bat designs are usually really cool and she is no exception! :)

And I just found this pure doggo in SiannieG36 's plethora of characters that I love so much :D I love candy corn and he seems so sweet and I love him :')

I think that's all I'll do for now aaa but there are so many more I didn't list, I wish I could do more but my Wi-Fi is trash rn ;w;