characters you absolutely love that others have?

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i dont know if this is a common thing, but i REALLY love other people’s OCs and i have personal favorites! sorry for making two recent threads but jghvhbhbj 

whether it be story or design, just gush about a character you like that’s owned by someone else! i don’t know if this would be awkward to do but i’m just trying it out. i’m not sure if i should @ anyone when their OC is mentioned but i probably won’t due to Possible Awkward



edit: wow uh- i tried really hard not to ramble here but woops. I either write 1 (one) sentence or a whole paragraph there's no inbetween. 

also please forgive me if some of y'all didn't wnna be pinged.

circlejourney  ,,, i am in  t e a rs  THANK YOU , i don't have words to properly express my emotions at the moment but know that they are very good ; v ;  this ping pretty much made my whole week so thanks lol.  That sylvester's like the first dude you thought of?? I am honored tbh.  (also i agree male characters w/ long tied up hair r extremely good and I need more of them)

*cracks knuckles* spEAKing of Fantastic Characters (wow this ended up being so long.... sorry i either go ham or go home)

  • circlejourney's Vesper. You know how there's some characters that you just look at and you instantly go: oh no, because you can feel your love for them overflowing the moment you lay eyes on them. Me @ vesper. And this love only grew once i read her bio b/c: over-worked barely adult soldier with electricity abilities who often puts too much pressure on herself until everything literally/metaphorically blows up in her face??? Who, when not working, mellows out, gets sarcastic, and may accidentally let some childlike tendencies slip? Wow ; u ;  (I have also wrote an entire comment detailing my love for her) Her design is to die for, (sorry if any character ever 1) wears a long coat, 2) has wild hair, I Love them automatically) and her aesthetic is to die for, aND I LOVE HER. 
  • Judas-la-Carotte 's Lucien  is another one of those characters that I adored the moment I layed eyes on him. Mischievous, charistmatic, but still deep (and a little bit of a show off) lad who talks in sign cause he can't produce sounds and is the unofficial leader of his friend group?? sign me tf up. He just seems so real? Like his character, even just with the little blurb you wrote for him, feels so nuanced and complex like I'd walk into highschool and be like hey there's that tall guy with acne. (also just.. never knew how much I needed ocs who had acne until I saw lucien lol). ANd wow also I'm just a total sucker for his clothing aesthetic too?? hh i could keep talking but I won't
  • RadiantRaindragon 's William , ghost boy? ghost boy.  What can I say polite pony-tailed old-timey lads are my weakness. William's design is just so aesthetically pleasing, unique, and totally fits with his whole story. and his relationship with anita is so cute and interesting !! idk, something really just struck me when I saw him. I love him a lot, 10/10. 
  • qrizzly 's Nonni. he's such a soft wholesome character. Whenever I look at him I just get a big ole smile on my face ; u ; . Had a bad family life growing up so he's clingy and fears abandonment, but still remains relatively upbeat and has a creative imagination? Can communicate emotionally with animals, but gets overwhelmed if too many of them talk to him at once?? What is not to love about Nonni. Also his design is just the cutest and totally fits with his personality. 10/10, I would die for Nonni  (also shoutout to Rye, Mell, and willow b/c i love them too
  • Swissy 's King/Lily. Whenever I see King i just feel like, at peace? Idk their design is just so wholesome and soft and cute but also really pretty and yeah. It's such a neat, unique design and I just love that their head is made out of glass. (when I saw that one image of their head broken and their liquid face just spilled on the ground I was like NNOOOOO) Lily/King needs to be protected at all costs and I love them. 
  • I'm kinda running out of steam to write entire paragraphs so the rest of these r gonna be shorter....
  • theHelmbeastie 's Hel is real cool, their design and story is very neat and they gots lots of great art.
  • @Dohlamore 's August is so unique and cool. Like I've never seen any character like her before?? and her design is wild but everything just works.  
  • Caine 's Colin. His story is so unique and his bio is really detailed and his design is just ; u ; !!! yeah.  (I have also written a thing about him). 
  • eadie 's Elias. another one of those characters that feel like they could be an actual person. I am also just a sucker for blonde dudes with pony-tails and ocs who are kinda aloof/cold but only because they don't have a god damn clue How To Socially Interact With Others. fell in love with him as soon as I saw him.
  • issakidnamedFlo 's Khi ,,, soft snake man. Pls stop hurting him he doesn't deserve it. He deserves only kindess and as much heating pads as he wants. 
  • hedgemaze 's SAINT . I just absolutely adore everything about him. to his Big Tired aesthetic to his fantastic and unique design. Wow, what a dude. (I feel like I've written something about him,,, but it was a long time ago and I don't know where it went)
  • @/ physics's Clovis who I've loved for a LONG TIME.  yet another example of me having a weakness for blonde dudes. Honestly physics's whole universe with hadoplegia is to die for, it's so cool and unique.  all of physics's worlds/universes/ocs r just,,, Real Good.
  • @/ Heartlessspade's Boss , just wow.... aesthetics. 
  • Lime 's Mikhael . I could go on for days about mika but I won't. Their design is to die for and is so aesthetically pleasing. Black and red? demonic? wings and sometimes tail? hell yeah. Not to mention their personality is both the best and the worst at the same time. Will 100% brutally murder someone but also has cat like tendencies and hand/feet beans. Also just i wnna say I really adore how you draw their wings, and of course every single art of mika w/ mammon is gold. Anyways,  i love them a whole lot and i'll shut up now. 


I'd like to thank

zinnia for making my husband Diego

HeartlessSpade for making my husband Vegas

Motherbeast for making my husband Waltz

fizzelston for making my husband Roswell

Milkman for making my husband Milkman

Raddishes for making my husband Henry

ChickieDee for making my husband Abe


i really love yoosung's caelum!! an adorable little chuuni who id die for!!!


PicklePantry wrow, your love for Henry truly knows no bounds. Now it's my turn to show everyone else some love (though I may forget a few that I love, haha). 

Pickle's Lan is THE best lamp around here '^ ' 

I know I never talk about him but Motherbeast's Cyanide is absolute perfection... 

Everyone go stan colorful's Louvel, he's a good boy. 

Milkman when will you let me take Ben to a blue Men concert???

HeartlessSpade haha babie Peacemaker is a brony

Yuna_Animatus Shut up I'm weak for goth girls

StarlightDrifter hey can I marry Cleaner pls

Skulltopus I love Chikage... so much..

NihilisticTiger I know we haven't interacted much but I love Windsor's design! 

@1234penguin Asta will always be my fave, no matter what. 

Sorceress_Feraly Selene is beauty, she's grace, she can kick me in the face. 

circlejourney CRAB

hedgemaze I don't think I ever mentioned it but I love Ameya's design, I hope that we can see more of her in the future :0

njike Grimm can slay me tbh

Radpo I support Cosima and her cooking endeavors

ChickieDee M-ma.... 

There's more I need to add but I'll do that tomorrow, I'm tired rn


I'd like to thank (part 2)...

Skulltopus for making my husband Father Vargas (I'm also weak for masked designs, especially Lucifer)

issakidnamedFlo for making my husband Sigge

StarlightDrifter for making my husbands Cleaner, Normal Bob, and Vendetta (you have many that hit my aesthetic tbqh)

 circlejourney for making my spouse Nameless

More to come


circlejourney Aaaaaa, thank you so much for the compliments on Mai (and for the shoutout to my story lol!) Trying to pick just one of your characters for this is a challenge in itself, but for the sake of brevity I'll stick to Noma for now! It's hard not to love her, she's so sweet and kind and she's always trying her best to keep up with her friend's antics even though they terrify her! So brave and precious! 100% shaped like a friend!

Speaking of friendship, Saltminer's Pacify is a friend to all and I couldn't love her more for it. I think it'd be really interesting to see the adventures of a pacifist superhero! Her being camera-shy is also something I find endearing. 

esskaid's Fleur is rowdy, blunt, a bit slimy, and cares about her friends and family (and frogs!) She's just a really fun and interesting character all around with a lot more depth than her initial personality might lead on.  It was hard to decide between her and her family members because they're all so amazing, each one of them is special in their own way! They're so close-knit, it brings a tear to the eye...

I meant to do more, but the words are not working well in my mind right now, so I'll probably come back with another comment with more characters in the future!


I've got more children to praise I need to praise them

(Sorry in advance if ya'll didn't wanna be pinged!)

Mwins Mini Igar is just, they're just a blessing?? I love just how well the simple adorable design works! They're just so happy, I love it ;v; And of course, I love what you're doing with them with the travelling diary thing, it's unique and looks like fun to do! ^^

AeroHail Zeek is so precious, his design is adorable and I love his backstory too! Your art style in general makes me immediately like all of your OCs, Doodlebop is such a good girl and I'm rambling now aren't I-

Fokron I especially love every OC in your Alien Story folder, but all of your OCs are awesome, like Rahas, Sheng Su, Viinko, etc!

FutureChiken Comin' back to you again to talk about Coriahn because I love everything about this kid and I want to hug him if I can't do it then my shadow boy Adri will do it for me-

HopelessDreamer22 Omigosh I love all of your precious children I'm weak for all of them ;v;

Hollowheart7211 Alec is so sweet and precious, I had a lot of fun drawing this boy >v<

ApostleBanana Same thing with Traveller, I had so much fun drawing them, such a cool design! I love designs like that, especially the scarf <3