Show me yōkai characters!♡

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EDIT: Accidentally posted IC 

(If something like this already exist let me know aaaaaaa)

Even though ironicallly I don't have any yōkai I really love everything about japanese folklore! I'd love to see your characters ♡ 


My big bird here is supposed to be a tengu !

I also have Macula, which is a shirime !

But they don't have a lot of informations aaaand don't look like traditionnal yokais :/

Teru Caine

Teru is a bit of an oddball because technically he's a shapeshifter, but one of his favourite forms ever is the nine tailed fox & he likes to spend time in that form to the point a lot of people genuinely think he's one. Either way Teru was supposed to be a Japanese character in his original setting so I guess he sort of counts 

Akashi aska-ray

i heard youkai

Akashi is based on an ao andon

Anfisa Beefy

Anfisa is a futakuchi-onna//women with a mouth at the back of her head!

Yuri Fukumoto Wonderland

Yuri is a bakeneko and his brother Keiichi is a nekomata! 

Rontao Mercenary_Ike

Rontao's more of a Yokai watch oc, but he could be based off of the hide and seek alone game

川島 源氏 💖 birthday

genji is a kitsune! he only has three tails in his current life, but ive written/planned a number of his past lives as well since his story deals with reincarnation

Ryoko VincentVanGoat

She's an Oni!

Grieve aaawhyme

not sure if this counts, but Grieve has a spider form, that has a hannya mask face he's a demon, and i'd be lying if i said the Inuyasha series didn't play a part in his creation >_>

Hayao darkrai

hayao is loosely inspired by the tenome! ^__^

Kouki Rumby

Kouki is an inugami~!

Kousa Of The White Dogwood Peridotite

I'm gonna plant my bb right here~

Inugami Ootake Kogami

Does a character that's based off one counts? I have no idea why his parents named him after a youkai but his whole character just references the inugami a his powers is supposed to be "illusions" and he creates a lot of youkai references with it like the blue onibi fire and images for a lot of canine-based youkais :'D

Also I once heard a Vocaloid song about an inugami unable to be with the person he likes since he's cursed into a dog and it painfully fits him

月亮流血 MoonFlames

Compared to everyone else she’s not much of a Yōkai, but she is based off of a Bakeneko

Suikazura ch1sh10

not based off of any specific yokai but she's inspired by japanese monsters!!