Show me yōkai characters!♡

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EDIT: Accidentally posted IC 

(If something like this already exist let me know aaaaaaa)

Even though ironicallly I don't have any yōkai I really love everything about japanese folklore! I'd love to see your characters ♡ 

Lily Kasagawa Mochagatari

Lily is a kasa-obake/karakasa with a human form! She can switch between a human and an umbrella but she gets picked on a lot for only being a living object.

Neko Twins Catie

Bakeneko lasses,,,,,,,

Kaze FreeFallingUp13

Kaze is half Tennin! I had a great time figuring out different flutes he could use for his powers.

☽ Ven LooneyMoonie


cat demons are the best demons, bye

i also have yayami! she's got the oni thing goin on

Rezorin celestiials

I have some tsukumogami characters if you count tsukumogami as yōkai?

But yeah I have those guys; Ioririn and Rezorin are the only ones that are tsukumogami that are described within Japanese folklore (they're a kyōririn, tsukumogami of scrolls and papers, and zorigami, tsukumogami of a clock, respectively) while Tsuko and Verre are just tsukumogami of their objects. I do have a menreiki character in the works though, hehe

Ibuki SkywardtheDragon

I’m not sure entirely what she is. But she’s something like a kitsune.

Karehime SlyAsAFox

i actually got two that got inspired by yokai

one is Karehime and the other one is Lacrimas. Karehime is a moth yokai, heavily inspired by Inuyasha (lol) and Lacrimas a kitsune with traits i took from actual japanese folklore, tweaking it a little bit to my liking like her kitsunebi are orbs instead of flames and her seduction of people is visually visible in a change of her eyecolor

🏯Amenoko🌧️ Sevenlole

Amenoko is an ame-onna. Bonus fact: she always carries her umbrella which happens to be a kasa-obake

Another bonus fact: Amenoko has something hidden in her chest

Shika Kazetatsu

Shika here’s a hybrid yokai, daughter of a dog and a tiger. (Inspired by characters from Inuyasha)  She’s capable of shapeshifting, but her most notable features are the brute size and strength of her true form.