OCs whose name/pronouns people always get wrong

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Show me your characters whose name and/or pronouns people always get always wrong! Because we all know that's the kind of thing that happens, be it on the website itself (esp. forum games), off-site, or even in real-life! Are some characters of yours more prone to this than others, and why/how? And how do you usually reacts when it happens?

Olivier Bernard Judas-la-Carotte

The IC glitch happened again rip so I'll just post right now to make it disappear; Olivier seems to have a 50% chance to get his name misspelt as "Oliver" in the forums despite all my efforts to make it obvious it isn't supposed to be *that* version of the name ha-

Aloysius celestiials


Jokes aside, his name is supposed to be pronounced "al-oh-WISH-us" but I pronounce it "a-loy-SEE-us"; if there's any consolation, it's a legit pronunciation but it's the Dutch pronunciation, rip... thank goodness nobody got his pronouns wrong though hhh Also he himself uses "a-loy-SEE-us" and everyone around him uses that pronunciation as well... it's weird rip


I SWEAR I have had a lot of situations of people writing my OC names wrong (without it being just a simple typo) but all I can remember is Kipinä? People usually write her name as Kipin or Kipina, and although the latter one is I Valid because not everyone has Ä in their keyboard, it doesn't change the fact that's an entirely different name and that Ä isn't actually just a fancied up A haha. But I understand it because not everyone knows how it's pronounced or how big the A/Ä difference is. 

But when it comes to pronouns my list is a bit longer

  • Claude (mistaken for a girl)
  • Kipinä (mistaken for a man)
  • Fyren (repeatedly referred to as a boy and with he/him pronouns even though they're genderless)
  • Henri (mistaken for a girl, also gets a lot of gross slurs used on him off-site especially on some amino groups)
  • Lucien (mistaken for a man, although it's kinda understandable given her name and looks)
  • Laurel (mistaken for a woman but, again, it's sort of understandable bc of his clothes)
  • Morgan (mistaken for a man, is agender with they/them pronouns) 
Ridley zinnia

i try to be pretty clear about pronouns/gender so it doesnt really happen a lot but people have referred to ridley with she/her on multiple occaisions 

im kinda surprised it hasnt happened more considering i my habit of giving literally everyone pretty eyelashes/tending to draw characters more fem because i never learned how to draw men

name wise my therapist trying to pronounce kaguya is a wild time ...

Nef Historia

I don't remember having most of my characters getting their names wrong, but the majority of them got the pronouns wrong 24/7, though this is a lot more common with Nef, in which despite being female, she is nowadays refered with they/them pronouns, which aren't the right pronouns for her. (Posting her as IC for example)

Other examples for characters being refered with the incorrect pronouns include Beast (They were referred with gendered pronouns, despite being genderless), Sakura, Vetitum, and Catherine.

Addison Carminé AlleycatIrony

hmm... i have had ppl refer to addison by 'she' despite his profile saying he's male and uses 'he' all thru it 

ofc i have ppl use 'they/them' for my characters more times than i can count despite my character pronouns being in the bios - ik most ppl don't mind 'they/them' but i still consider it misgendering (none of my characters use those pronouns)... i try not to let it bother me but ppl doing it always makes me huff a little in frustration, mostly in forum games when u need to look at the profile (i don't mind if it's limited to looking at icon bc obv u can't know pronouns from that) 😅

Solis stuntchica

solis strictly uses they/them, yet i keep messing up & using he/him or she/her for them^^;; i'll get there eventually solis, i'm sorry for messing up so often!!!

Alliquam syskey

I genuinely have no canonical pronounciation for this character's name, more or less, I like seeing how people would want to say it. Their pronouns are they/them but neither they or I mind if they're called a he or a she.

Arsene callilux

Arsene gets mistaken for a girl every so often but I don't really mind that since he is supposed to be genderless and look androgynous, so first impressions should go either way. Whatever pronoun for him is fine tbh

Aquila is the other one who sometimes gets their gender mistaken and with him it's a little more awkward, since he's explicitly male and my brain can't comprehend viewing him as a woman at all, though his appearance is sorta feminine. I get where it comes from but wow is it jarring and also not correct.

On the pronunciation side of things though. Camellia's nickname Camillet is pronounced cam-ee-ay which is so hideously counterintuitive that even in my mind I usually give it a hard t. Camille is cam-ee and my brain also defaults to hard ls on that one. I have no fucking clue how Aquila's name is pronounced and alternate between AH-quil-a and a-KWEE-la. Miquir is mii-kir and I remember that one but my friends don't whoops. Oh yeah and another one is Arsene as ar-seen. To me it's ar-sen hard n. All this pronunciation shit is pretty frivolous though and I don't even stick to it lol

Hemlock aska-ray

all my friends refer to hemlock as a girl even tho when we went and introduced our characters i said "they have no gender" and i have not once used gendered pronouns to refer to them. i dont correct them or anything cuz its like. whatever but it shouldn't be that hard to remember guys

the only time this was an issue was when we had some sex-changing magic and i was like "so how does this affect me exactly" and my poor DM was all "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" /claps

TJ Beguile

TJ uses they/them pronouns, but many people tend to mistake them as male. :’D



- Yotaro has always and will always be referred to with they/them pronouns as they are a sexless agender,,, but back when i used them a lot on forum games literally 24/7 they were referred to with she/her or he/him,,, which honestly annoys me a lot??? since I've??? EXPLICITLY,, specified they go by they/them only??

- Munin is also a sexless agender,,, but ppl keep using he/him a lot?? This doesn't annoy me as much since I portray them as more masculine and they'd probably be fine with male pronouns but,,, its still annoying

- Ruse,,, has gotten referred to as she/her a lot but like??? I care the least abt this considering they have boobs so,,, but still,, theyre agender they/them plz and thank u

- Affie,,, wE L L Affie hasn't been misgendered much but on one thread in particular someone said they look like a girl who's trying to look like a boy??? which kinda offended me but it's probably not that harmful???

Omelette ch1sh10

Reading everybody else's comments is v amusing and also a big oof o)-( this is my boy, Omelette! People tend 2 assume he's a female because of his pink everything and genderless style- i don't rly mind too much bc i could see myself in their shoes making incorrect assumptions if i werent paying attention LOL, ppl also tend to spell his name like omlette/omelet or some other variation because of the way they initially spelt the word- even if the spelling for the word omelette is different in their language/mind, his name is still "omelette"

Zoe suckerlouv

Tbh most of my oc's have been mistaken as girls at some point (they are literally all males tho) because I like my boys pretty, but Zoe in particular has gone trough that situation a whole lot, since he likes cute stuff and I often draw him wearing pretty dresses.

Zoe is meant to be kind of misleading, because of his name, the fact that he is very feminine looking, like, he has long eyelashes and a small waist, details like that, so I can undestand why people seeing him for the first time might think "ah that's a girl" But still, his gender is clearly stated on his bio so I don't know how to feel about it, I try to not mind but kinda pisses me off haha

Juniper softy-soft

My little bABY :’0 Uh they’re nb but my friends mostly mistake them for a neutral lesbian or a slightly femme male and I just sit there dying cus it hurts to correct someone. :’33 But like,,,, noo,, they’re nb. It pains me to hear “haha lESBIAN” from my friends ‘n I’m like,, “hhhah yyyeaaahhh... llessbiiaannnooo...” when my entire heart and brain are yellin at me “nOO WR ONN G” oof