OCs whose name/pronouns people always get wrong

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Show me your characters whose name and/or pronouns people always get always wrong! Because we all know that's the kind of thing that happens, be it on the website itself (esp. forum games), off-site, or even in real-life! Are some characters of yours more prone to this than others, and why/how? And how do you usually reacts when it happens?



Malachi goes by exclusively they/them, and people call them she/her for some reason, even though their pronouns are the second thing you see in their profile. It kinda irks me. Maybe it's the hair? Not an excuse though.

(That's pretty much it for pronouns since I'm not too active in the character side of the forums.)


Malachi again. It's really me who pronounces their name wrong- it's supposed to be Mala-KAI (they were named for the gemstone Malachite which is the color of their hair) but I keep pronouncing it Mala-KEY in my head. Poor Mal. You're always misunderstood. Even by your creator.

Charoite has a sh sound (like in charades) not a ch (like in chair) or a k (like in character). I have to keep reminding myself that.

Lesath Firo

They're non-binary and use they/them, but I keep messing up and using he/him as well as they/them. So I kinda retconned the pronouns, heh. But honestly, I don't think they'd mind any pronouns, they're pretty chill about most stuff.

Kiri ethanol

God...I've had instances where I've commissioned art of Kiri only to have the artist draw her as a dude. Most of the time they apologised and corrected it when I ask them to, but...I didn't think she came across as that masculine until that situation happened more than once lmao.

I guess it's because she's a rather muscly girl with short hair and lots of scars...? It just confuses me because I genuinely can't see her as anything but female lmao.


Oh hecc I've got a few. Let's see, as for pronouns-

https://toyhou.se/2510509.-ryan- Ryan gets misgendered A LOT (which is kinda infuriating, tbh, since his pronouns are right on his page AND his name is... pretty commonly a male name). Granted, I realize that if you were to just see his art without looking at his name or his page, there could be some confusion but still.

https://toyhou.se/1989233.-nyx- Nyx also often gets misgendered. While he's fairly androgynous, he's still generally depicted as male.

As for name mispronunciation-

https://toyhou.se/39896.-millo-fergus- Poor Millo has her name pronounced wrong ALL THE TIME, despite me having the pronunciation shown in multiple places. Her full name is Colmillo ("fang" in Spanish) and is therefore pronounced "Cole-mee-yoh" (so her shortened name is just "mee-yoh"), but she gets called Mill-ow (like pillow) all the time.

https://toyhou.se/3288547.-flocci- Again, another character in which I have the pronunciation listed. People usually pronounce it like "Flaw-chi". It's actually meant to be pronounced like "Flossy".

https://toyhou.se/1581317.-jakhi- This one I'll take the blame on. People tend to pronounce his name like Jack-y, whereas it's actually meant to be more like "Jockey" (with kinda a French pronunciation on the J, like in Jaques)

xenon/x Grottotome

People accidentally use he/him pronouns for them a lot,,

Bunny goldneko

I personally really don't care for the whole pronoun thing but my character Bunny here's gender/pronoun in unknown so they go by they/them but commonly gets mistaken for a guy or a girl and drawn with womanly features.

Paeton Dedrick dogstarlite

Wow I thought I'd posted here but I guess? Not??

Anyway, Paeton is my most misgendered OC. They pretty much always get called by male pronouns and it's... it's upsetting but I've also come to expect it at this point bc I guess people associate plague doctors with men? god I don't know sigh

Board BreadDisposal

Lots of people mistake Board for a girl. I wanted to make him similar to my other characters cause they were a part of a ‘mass produced’ robot line so I wanted to make them all look similar. So I guess he did end up looking female at the end of it all?