OCs whose name/pronouns people always get wrong

Posted 4 months, 26 days ago (Edited 4 months, 26 days ago) by Judas-la-Carotte

Show me your characters whose name and/or pronouns people always get always wrong! Because we all know that's the kind of thing that happens, be it on the website itself (esp. forum games), off-site, or even in real-life! Are some characters of yours more prone to this than others, and why/how? And how do you usually reacts when it happens?

★ North Volans

Almost all of the people I've commissioned for art of North has referred to them with he/him pronouns. 

I have several masculine- and feminine-leaning characters who are intersex or identify as NB (Phanes, Arawareta, most of my vetehi) who have been misgendered at least once. I tend to be less bothered by this offsite, but it really irritates me when people consistently get a character's pronouns wrong and proceed to wave it off with some excuse like "oh, I'm just not used to using they as a singular pronoun" >:V

Seiden Seiden

Does my fursona count, even though it's my name?
People tend to really often call us "Seidan".

Cella "Chance" De Vries Thanaturgist

Chance is constantly getting misgendered. Admittedly it bugs me more when it's someone who was supposed to read their profile, because their pronouns are right there.

They also get called Chase a lot, but that's more funny to me than anything because when they first got their nickname, I kept calling them Chase too. (So I made it canon that they went by Chase at some point)