What idle animations would your OCs have?

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Idle animations are movements/actions that video game characters have when they aren't being used. If your OCs were in a video game, what would their animations be?

Alice StrawberryLunala

Alice would probably do that thing where you put one arm bent behind your back grabbing the other arm, and turn back and forth a little bit.

Mikhail Kozlov Returnofmorningstar

Mikhail has to move constantly. He bounces/rocks on his heels, twitches, picks at his clothes, scratches his arms and neck, looks around at everything, shifts his weight around, and so on.

Derek Alvar FreeFallingUp13

Derek would probably have one where he crosses his arms and looks around nervously. He's a big worrywart, so he'd definitely look insecure after sitting around for a while.

Ryuk Ryuk

Ryuk would have the most relaxed but comfortable stance, every now and shifting his weight to the other foot.

Terry Lovejoy PicklePantry

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Terry'd yawn, look around, then fall asleep until he's moved.

Leo syskey

Leo would be fidgeting with his sleeve, maybe fix his ponytail a little? And like if in a nature/outside area probably bend down and pick up a bug.

Roswell Butcher fizzelston

Ros would play with his lighter. If you're lucky though, (and wait long enough) he will pull out a playing card out of his sleeve and toss it away

Hana MasterShortpants

Hana would shake herself off, causing some of her petals to go flying. More rarely, a venus flytrap would pop up behind her and quickly bite her tail, at which she jumps and the plant withdraws back into the earth.

Will Tick

Will would start sitting on their tail instead of standing, maybe even start bouncing a bit if you wait long enough.

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Lancaster Jackwell wormancer

OMG everyones idles are so cute it's so telling abt characters <3
I made some sprites for a dnd party a while back and I never got around to animating it, but Lancaster was gonna be doing sword tricks cause he loooves showing off, and if it were more detailed he'd kinda aloofly tilt his head so his braid swung out hehe

Smiley PicklePantry

Smiley's animations would be in a random order between tracing the smiley face on his bag and spinning his knife/weapon around. If you wait long enough he'll lift his bag up and look around, but when he faces you the bag casts too big a shadow so you'll see a sparkle where the eye is.

Irid├Żon Eros Hecia Tawnides Wonderland

Iri's idle would be her pulling her blade out, inspecting it, and putting it back. Her tail flicking, and looking around as if she's uncomfortable/nervous. and if you wait long enough, you'll see her frown, sigh and wipe her eyes. :<

The Prince Historia

A butterfly will show up, circling around prince for a few seconds, and looks at it with a smile before it disappears.