What idle animations would your OCs have?

Posted 5 months, 21 days ago (Edited 5 months, 21 days ago) by Returnofmorningstar

Idle animations are movements/actions that video game characters have when they aren't being used. If your OCs were in a video game, what would their animations be?


Made one for a game idea actually:


Alu renren

his neutral animation would have him stick his hands in his pockets, so an idle animation would have him take one out to cough into his arm, and then put it back in

or, take out his phone, look for about a second and a half, then slide it back in his pocket


She'd probably look around boredly before pulling a book out of her sleeve to read. If you wait long enough, she'll doze and droop and drop the book and startle back awake before redoing the animation ( who knows where the fallen book magically vanished off to ).

 Jessica Deathroe sanstheskeleton

Taps her foot, folds her arms, oooor... plays with fire. Since she's a pyrokinetic in her universe (+ a few more things) she'll probably make a fireball and occasionally throw it up and down like you would a tennis ball.


Oof back because I like this thread idea. I feel like Doujin would just stand around, maybe start bopping/jumping around in place with a smile on his face like he's quietly dancing to something. I'd like to think it'd go with the current theme playing on the level too lol! If you wait long enough, he may start levitating and will either curl up on a pillow and start to nap or meditate as little clouds start to float around him.

Cards familiarfarris

The occasional yawn, and maybe a stretch or two if you wait long enough.