What idle animations would your OCs have?

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Idle animations are movements/actions that video game characters have when they aren't being used. If your OCs were in a video game, what would their animations be?

Revenant zpnn

Revenant's would probably depend on her mood, but generally, she'd look around every now and then, ears twitching at perceived noise. If she's killing time, she'll probably bounce or rock on her heels, or scuff her shoes off of the floor (like when you kick the floor to remove dust/dirt). she'll very rarely pretend to shoot herself with her index and middle finger if she gets bored enough.

If she's in a particularly good mood, she might float off of the floor a few inches (copying her gf) and start dimly glowing a light blue, but that would probably be for a few seconds before she lands on her feet again, kinda sheepish and looking around to hope nobody noticed lol. If she's in a comfy environment (occasionally at home in the tower, or the watch tower if she knows all of the heroes are there etc) she'll possibly start staring at a random fixed point - like the ceiling, or something.

If she's sitting, she'd start becoming restless after a while - bouncing her leg, etc. If she's sitting at a table (which is rare, admittedly, since she sits on anything BUT what was made for sitting on) she'd probably start leaning on her elbow after a while and then eventually end up falling asleep, banging her head off of the table, and waking herself up very confused, lol. She sits like a bisexual stereotype, so 'shifting her weight around' could translate to all sorts of weird sitting animations.

The more nervous she is the more on 'edge' she'll seem, so behaviours/animations like looking around would become more common. The worse this is the more 'animalistic' and primal she comes across. (Down to the primal crouched over pose, rip.)

Grimdark/Berserk Revenant is characterised by an uncharacteristic calm - there is little to no idle animation, seeming to not even breathe (that's handled internally, more on that later). A lot of the 'movement' is just going to be the flickering white glow in her eyes, or the shadows rising and falling around her. (The former like two flickering lightbulbs, the second more reminiscent of black/grey smoke.) She's still just as alert (... usually). Given enough time or luck she might suddenly pull a flower from her hair (particularly, from the back of her head, where the exit wound would have been for the bullet that killed her the first time) and suck the life energy from it until it wilts, regardless of environment. If left idle long enough she'll either vanish into the shadows (to remerge when interacted w/ or moved) or starts staring directly at the screen - moving the screen causes her head to track the camera's movement but won't break the animation until interacted with/moved... which has a 0.01% chance of resulting in a jumpscare. if you get it you get an achievement.

Nathaniel Clement fizzelston

Nath will calmly smoke his pipe. Maybe some wibbling on his feet. He will pull on his gloves maybe and act like the super chill fishman he is.

Gia ce Avigi bogonvogon

She'd do that weird up-and-down breathing animation, check her gear periodically, and cross her arms.

★ Baker ★ ducclord

Baker would wag her tail and bounce lightly on the spot

Skel Skelisteri

This one:


 Joe coconutskull

Would pull a bass guitar out from nowhere and jam a tune, being so engrossed in it to care about potential public disturbance charges //not what his icon is doing, which is too chill and laid back

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