Show me your obscure fandom characters !

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i'm always sad that i'm the only one to make an oc in a fandom, esp in one-off animes like kakegurui (though its on its second season) or something like punch out

but show me your characters that apart of obscure medias <333 and maybe even talk more about them uwu

Jynx Hauschild (Summoner AU) Beefy

Taran Matheau's Summoner trilogy is one of my favorite book series of all time so I couldn't not make a kiddo for it. This was Jynx's original concept and although I still use it he's kinda grown out of just being a fan character RIP

Veta (Vib-Ribbon AU (ditched)) Jade-Everstone

technically a ditched/older version of a character but it fits the bill. 

Veta started off as a fan character for the video game Vib-Ribbon because at the time it was my favorite game, and I made an AU of it where the main/only character in the game Vibri was the ruler of a kingdom and Veta was her sister


I haven't add her to TH yet since I plan on revamping her whole design. backstory or even name (something like Mato Hoshii probably for more accuracy to the language :')) but she's a fancharacter of a reaaaaaaaaally obsecure kids anime called Crash B-Daman. It's basically the only modern B-Daman series (you can consider it as another cousin of Beyblade, but with a Bomberman-shaped marble shooter kind of toy) that was never localized outside Asia so there's literally a really small amount of contents regarding this fandom (and I'm 99.9% sure I'm the only one who's a fan of this series here lol)


Here's her design from 2014. I kind of want to redesign it to make it less "plain" but yeah-

I'm bad with interfering or tampering with existing canon content so I kind of consider her as an additional character for a (non-existent) sequel of the series? Probably 2-3 years after the main setting, which also gives me more work since I would have to write an entire fanmade sequel to the series but hey, more contents for a long discontinued series to feed to myself is a good thing :'D

(Again I'm reworking on her entire character but her previous one was she's a sheltered girl who never stepped outside her home because of past illness but after recovered, she only got inspired to explore the outside world after receiving her B-Daman that her late grandfather previously owned.)

LIK ClyncyeRudje

LIK here is a Star Control 2 fancharacter, and I have another character, Agihilda of the Still Lake clan , who is a Glorantha fancharacter.


I have a bunch of fan-characters for Aether Eternius, a webcomic that I love a lot.


i have a bunch that would be considered obscure bc i'm the only person on TH that has them tagged (if u search up the tag, my OCs are the only ones to show up) - tho my bf and friend have a few themselves (may or may not be my fault - they aren't tagged tho otherwise they'd be in the list as well ofc)
can't rly go into detail here bc they're from an 18+ game but safe to say they're likely obscure! folder link is here, but minors can't actually view the profiles for obvious reasons
despite what they're from, i rly love these characters a lot and they're some of my favourites i've developed to the point where they have their own stories/relationships/experiences in the hillview/human AU i got going on :0

i also have... characters based on my schleich figurines? u know like those little figures that u can get from like... toy world? yeah, i started collecting dragons and fantasy characters from their eldrador and bayala sets and i kinda made a story for them in my head and named them? gave them personalities accidentally? so i made characters out of them :0! granted i haven't done much w/ them yet (bc i wanna upload all of them instead of like.. the three or w/e that i already have but i'm awfully lazy at producing art for them) but they're certainly there and existing
i'm not sure if they count tho bc schleich obv isn't a TV show or a movie or a comic or a game or anything but i still enjoy them ;w;

Wolfina Wolfypoof

Wolfina is a Brave Frontier oc! Which is a mobile game that I don't really see much of :p She's the only one in the tag here lol. She's basically my summoner character for it but I occasionally make stories about her and her friends (though I don't write all of them down-)

Spaghetti danlion

Have a Gaogaigar oc. It's an anime from the late 90s about giant robots and the power of courage, or something.

Lavender Cookie sunshu

hehe cookie run oc 

Prince George Swamp Dragons hedgemaze

My OOTP (Out of the Park Baseball) franchise! OOTP has a great, active fanbase, but I honestly don't think there's another person out there who treats their players as characters and draws them, etc.


Food Fantasy is becoming more popular....

Honestly I don't see a lot of Kirby ocs so I made Hazelle based on what little tutorials there is to make a kirby oc. 

Lemongrass ghostfiish

Angelic Layer isn't that obscure but I never see fan OCs for it lol


Several of my characters are remakes of old Redwall OCs!

Grottotome this game is underrated,,

Fyodor kafkaesque

Personally I'm not a member of the Jurassic Park/World fandom in any way (nor do I have much interest in the franchise as a whole), although I do know that it's not exactly... Abundant in OCs if tumblr's feed of it provides an accurate perception of the fanbase. Human OCs seem particularly rare, as most of the OCs I've seen for that fandom are dinosaurs/other creatures.

Also, I currently don't consider Fyodor or any of my other derived OCs to be a part of the fandom, but he was originally created for a group RP for the JP/JW fandom that a friend made, and he just... Grew from there... :")))