Show me your obscure fandom characters !

Posted 19 days, 20 hours ago (Edited 19 days, 20 hours ago) by Cinnabad

i'm always sad that i'm the only one to make an oc in a fandom, esp in one-off animes like kakegurui (though its on its second season) or something like punch out

but show me your characters that apart of obscure medias <333 and maybe even talk more about them uwu


Meet everyone in this folder!

Fusionfall was/is an MMO that went "let's take all your Cartoon Network faves from the 90s and early 2000s and dump them in the middle of an alien invasion", and you play as a kid that signed up to help them fight it. I tried to use the characters for other stuff when the game first shut down, but then some fans resurrected it last year and I promptly plopped them back in lol

(I also have a Wakfu OC but that's less obscure, and I haven't used her much yet...)