show me your military & police & government ocs

Posted 2 months, 20 days ago by acne

if they work for the government id like to see em!

David joel

hello this is my good boy,,,, david,,,,,, he loves his daughter, emily,,,,,, he also loves watching live pd and cops,,,,,,


I really enjoy researching WW2, WW1 and Age of Sail periods so I have a fair few historical military OC's!

Army (WW1): Jasper and William

Navy (Age of Sail): Francis and Owen

Air Force (WW2): Hendrix and Beck

There's a few more but I haven't gotten round to drawing them or making a profile but these dudes are the ones I currently have up!


I got a few!~

Scarlett is a Cop/Military gal. In Eden, a cop is part of both.
Reiko is a high ranking member of the military
Eve is the leader of Eden's government
Rose is mostly a public figure, though she has begun to be more involved in having an actual say.
Aurelie is a shark cop on a motorcycle and just really rad.

Erik McLain AlleycatIrony

ik nothing abt the government but ur title said police so here's my big officer!

Eli Brandt danlion

I haven't done much with him in a while because he was originally for someone else's universe that I'm not in contact with anymore, but I have this guy! He was a cop in a dystopia who legitimately thought he was doing good but eventually realized that shit was fucked.

Mayor Boxberger hedgemaze

He's the Mayor of the City of New York in my comic!

I also have some OCs who are military veterans, but not active service: Kaji, Fred, Núñez

Leroy Kirbygal

This guy is an android who works for a politician ^^

And Yuros and Lloyd are detectives and do work with police ^^;

Peace Maker HeartlessSpade

I love military characters omg. Here's my awful general, Lockheart

Then there's his precious soldier, Sweetheart. Also got another general in the works and my police officer, Moxxy!

Cameron West PicklePantry

He's just a nice, sweet policeman doing his job and protecting people. Never done a bad thing in his life. (◡‿◡✿)

 Satori cosmicconundrum

this is satorui she's an android secretary working for the mayor in a cyberpunk city, and though things aren't inherently bad, they tend to turn out to be darker shades of gray on the morality scale...

Rocket Thornheartless

Rocket here used to work in the military! He ended up leaving though and now works as a detective for the police