recently i remembered that i have cookie run installed on bluestacks and now im in a hole of playing the cookie game again....and i made like 3 ocs because i lack self control....the one i posted ic as is based off of chocolate coins and also meowth so shes a goddamn kitty cat....i still havent thought of an ability or anything she would have though just that it would probably make coins show up because yknow Coins...
(sorry if theres already a thread for this i didnt see one)

CMYKookie Jade-Everstone

This is CMYKookie and they're baked with printer ink (not edible lol) and they carry around someone's 'missing' stylus. Probably going to change their ability later but right now they throw their stylus like a spearĀ 


I do but all of them are extreme WIPs,,,


Tea Cookie is a AU version of one of my OC's but man I love her- She's a weather lady who works along side with Coffee Cookie :O

 Oleander Cookie tentaclecuddles

i do!! takoyaki here is my cookiesona but i have a few others here!