Show me your mermen!

Posted 6 months, 12 days ago (Edited 5 months, 14 days ago) by AlkseeyaKC

Hi! I'm a big-time lover of mermen! I would love to see anyone's merman OCs!! 

Please list them here so I can check them out! 

Here are mine: 


Thrasher is a shark raver merman. Nihyo is a fishy type. Then Koipan is a seahorse.
 I have a few more I need to draw still.

I can't wait to see your OCS!! Thanks!


these guys are based on my betta fish! we have phe, sammy, and xen!


Ujiaa is the cockiest and most smug of mermen.  He embarrasses his sister.

Matryca Hacker

i have lots of mermen <3 its so lovely to see others designs too!!
Matryca is probably the purest of my lot- He`s too stupid to realise if someone`s bullying him and will probably take it as a request of friendship :`>


AlleycatIrony - aww Beta Squad! That's so cute! The last two look so grumpy! <3
I love how flowy their fins are. They are pretty!
Who is the Tethys guy? I wanted to check them out but can't find them. 

FoofyFaun - Aww gotta love the pink mermen right? X3 I love his big ear fins!

Hacker  - Mayrca looks so sweet! I love his colors! I could hug him!

Thanks for sharing guys! I hope to see more here! =3


AlkseeyaKC teth belongs to my bf, his profile is here :3

Takis Rumby

Here's my fishy guys: Andros, Ægir, Calder, Caol, Kairius, Takis, Zale


Matticus / AlleycatIrony - I love his colors! They all seem like fun characters. X3 

Rumby - Awww I love the icons you have for them. Thatsso fun. XD
Aegir looks handsome. I love Calder's fins. Kairius is adorable and probably my fav. XD Then Takis looks cool!
Thanks for showing me them!   


AlkseeyaKC thank u so much this was nice to find this morning! my 2 mermaids are atticus and tethys (who u have already seen haha)

Camelia Caine

Here is Camelia! I really need to brush up his bio though since I wrote it kind of on the spot and have since stabilized some of his backstory details WHOOPS I did it just now this thread motivated me to do that

 Joseph SoraDeathEater

He’s going to be my merman c: I just need to give him a tail design and such n.n and an obvious background n.n 

Azure Rosakura

I LOVE Merpeople!!! This fella is Azure, he hides a whole merfolk kingdom in his eye to keep it safe from evil Sirens, and his boyfriend is trapped in his eye, but can come out in some sort of ghosty-looking form; and then there's Mako who's kinda, but not really a merman.


Matticus - Woooahh!! I love the colors on Atticus! He looks so awesome!! O A O 

Caine - YAY I'm happy to have influenced you to work on his bio! X3 He is a really pretty cute boi! I love him! X3

SoraDeathEater - Awww he looks really cute! I can see him being a really nice looking merman! When you have the tail design, please do show me!! X3 

Rosakura - Awwww look how happy Azure is! he is adorable!   
I'm loving the shark. He is looking good!
I'm loving the colors and how cool Mako is! 

Thanks, everyone for showing me, such awesome boys!!!   


:D I shall! (Tbh this really inspired me to actually do it xD So im glad im not the only one who can see him being a merman :D)

Merm!Sou Zeetheus

I love me some merms, but I don't have the focus to make characters who are 'canonically' merms, in their own dedicated world. I'm indecisive, there are so many good types of merms I could make... I want to draw my OCs as different kinds!

This boy's gallery is a little small atm but I don't think that'll stop anyone from enjoying them.