Show me your mermen!

Posted 9 days, 3 hours ago by AlkseeyaKC

Hi! I'm a big-time lover of mermen! I would love to see anyone's merman OCs!! 

Please list them here so I can check them out! 

Here are mine: 


Thrasher is a shark raver merman. Nihyo is a fishy type. Then Koipan is a seahorse.
 I have a few more I need to draw still.

I can't wait to see your OCS!! Thanks!

Noel Dolce

Noel is my only mermaid atm! I hope to add more to my arsenal at some point. :D


iBrBz awww he is an adorable pink! I like him! X3

Zeetheus He is a cute shark boy!  I love his hair and dark clothes.

Dolce WAAOOHH!!! Look at him!   He is really cute, hot and I love all the details on him! I hope to see another mer from you sometime!   
Also gonna look around your other guys.  You have nice characters.

Thank you, everyone, for showing me your merguys!  I'm loving this! X3
I hope you all have a good Valentines day!  

Jolyon Drowzee

Jolyon is my only merman. He's pretty but deadly and I'm looking forward to developing him more! <3


Drowzee ooOOooo he does look pretty but deadly too! O A O He is really cool!