Show me your Robots / Androids / Cyborgs

Posted 1 year, 3 months ago by TheStrayCat

I love robots! Show me all your amazing beep boopers and I'll happily look through them when I have down time <3 

(I didn't see another thread for this, so feel free to correct me if there is !)

Anon Beefy

Big mood is SAME

I've admired faceless robot/andriod/cyborg designs for 3-4+ years but I always have trouble designing them for myself. Tbh this guy is probably going to be yeeted soon because,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, h but For The Sake of throwing eyecandy your way here's Bluvdlov the Bitchy Horrid.

He's technically a cyborg when you consider how he has the head of a deadman rattling around his face cavity but most of his intelligence is artificially designed and operated. The two coexisting personalities lead to a glitchy existence that really only know how to kill. Feelsbadman.jpg.



How dare u talk shit in my presence look at how COOL HE IS //excuse my inner 14 year old//

I love the faceless look, I just want to touch it owo 

Null danlion

I desperately want to redesign him because I made him back in 2011-2012 when edm fandom was getting big and everyone and their mom ripped off Daft Punk, but I have this guy!


danlion I love him!! I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for that revamp 8) 

Clay BreadDisposal

I have 4 more robots but she’s the only humanoid looking one haha!

(Circuit, Board, Vera, and Nyo are my other robos!)

Taylor Made TenMomentsTill

He's my only robot OC that I have drawn out. This is mostly because he's my favourite, I just love bees so much.


Lloyd and Leroy are my android ocs  ^.^
They're kinda like twins xD

 Devi evilfrog

this guy exists c:


Ooh I got a few!

Akane is a Cyborg, who now fights bad things at a level typical police or military can't match.

Machina builds Androids, Cyborgs and Robots including all of the linked characters after her, but I do list her since she is technically a cyborg, as her arm and one of her eyes is cybernetic. Like a minor one if anything, as she's still mostly organic.

Eve is an AI Machine, which is just an Android powered by AI. She rules over Eden, brought in after the old government felt it was time to do something drastic to save their city.

The Rose of Eden is the third AI Machine for the purpose of assisting Eden, but the second machine(A friend's character that's why no links from me :p) did not actually end up doing that job. Since they are driven by AI, and Machina isn't too mean, yeah she respected that and later came Rose!

Reiko was a typical soldier in Eden's military, but during an attack on the city, she was hit in an ambush, but due to her high rank, some strings were pulled and Machina came over to save her life by making her a cyborg.

ASTROBOT hedgemaze

I have a few, but ASTROBOT is the head bot on campus lmao

He also has kids now and I love them

EVA stuntchica

this is my main ai so far!! i need to update her profile, but still!! she's my kid who i love. she's the ai on a space mission, assisting her crew with their daily functions, but there's something a bit... off about her. sometimes she just seems a bit too human

The Vorox Species Information RustHeart

I made an entire robotic species.

RGBIA Jade-Everstone

Robot ocs are becoming my new fav thing but anyways showing her off because she's my newest one.

She never got finished (in her story) so she's mute and has a lot of bugs but she's making the best of it <3

Tagasu goldneko

Slightly android/cyborg ish, originally built as a war robot but failed and retired

Arzu Khoroushi (Katie) Rumby

My robo cat