Show me your Robots / Androids / Cyborgs

Posted 2 years, 5 months ago by TheStrayCat

I love robots! Show me all your amazing beep boopers and I'll happily look through them when I have down time <3 

(I didn't see another thread for this, so feel free to correct me if there is !)

Desmond TimberlandGrizzly

I have a cyborg right here. He even makes his own robots for a living.

Aitori Rosenblade

Have this super serious stoic android girl!

She was created by this engi-cyborg nerd with a big passion for robots

Zeroth Werejelly

This is going to be a long list but i'll start with Zeroth who's a robot
- Dr.Modicum is a cyborg, but she looks more like a robot
- Fervant is a cyborg with a mechanical heart, he's a clone of another guy with a mechanical heart
- Nadda is...sort of a cyborg?  In his world there's a race that's a 'mesh' of robotics and fleshy things, they can be repaired and upgraded but they also feel soft and warm- basically they have all the benefits of being robotic and having flesh and this guys the prototype for that race, but he's not quite one and not quite a cyborg either.  He's also a shapeshifter and stores DNA in his tattoos
- Nil is a cyborg with synthetic fireproof skin
- Nix is part of that race I mentioned with Nadda, she's also a living bomb and has to expel energy daily to not explode
- Perception really doesn't look like it but he's a cyborg- he's just...missing most of his body parts except for some innards
- Scrap is part of the flesh/robotic mesh race.  She's also something called a "wilderwolf"
- Snippet is a clown "Longfox" who's also a mesh
- Stark is a punk "cheshire" who's...guess what?  A mesh
- Sensile also doesn't look much like a cyborg, but he is one and got all his senses replaced by mechanical ones
- Snip is a cyborg with a mechanical heart who's also cloned from the other mechanical heart guy
- Vision is a cyborg with mechanical eyes
- Void is one of the robotic meshes, she's a neon deertaur model
- Zero is a hyena mesh, he has a weaponized voice and he's dumb as a sack of bricks but he's really outgoing and fun to be around at least
- Zilch is the original mechanical heart guy.  He's a grumpy swordsman
- Zip is a cyborg who got all his limbs replaced with mechanical ones
- Doo Little Do is a robot in a "child robots" body, starting from him, all my OCs from here are in separate verses from the ones above
- Manafre is an angel themed cyborg
- Rakeel is a bird alien, that's also a cyborg
- Hallavick has a mechanical arm
- Zekiel has mecanical limbs and a tail
- Dr. Jellyborg is my mad scientist sort of character, exposed brain, depression, half slime and cyborg
- I have a whole folder of megaman OCs to!  
- I'm not sure if fancharacters from other fandoms count but I got a lot of cyborg alien frogs from keroro gunso...Dubibi, Halolo (who has a magnetic cape and a pyramidhead screen), Impipi (build in gas mask) 

L.I.I. TheStrayCat


Sherbet sonikkuruzu

Sherbet's a robot :3

Rhapsody and Sonata are cyborgs.

 Fresno deadngone

here's my robo-boy!! he used to be human but then his superpowers activated which turned him into electricity, so he keeps himself in a robot body.


An anthromorphic Penguin android! Originally built to work as a model presenting new fashion onstage!
But things have changed after he was stolen and people attempted to hack and reprogramm him (U>/

Toxi Ryallin

And here I go again with posting this bot to another art thread hah

Farrah Prismakry

Have the mascot of my closed species, lavalams! They're robotic dolls with lavalamp tanks in them :3 


my precious new robot girl!!

mecha sunshineem

Have this guys, which doesn't have a name yet

 Wendell [WEN-160] PSX

Wendell is my precious android boi

Cupcake CandyKidneys

Here's my cake-bot boy!

HOME CandyKidneys

And then...this large cube....