DnD Characters Anybody?

Posted 2 months, 22 days ago by Fvhn

I'm working on making designs for my group's characters, and I would love to see what you guys have come up with!

I have a wood elf, two tieflings, a half-orc, and a dragonborn to design... eep. 

Feel free to share anything about them too- what adventures have you gone on?


This was my very first DnD character, but the campaign died before I even got to make real art of her D:

Chime SonieTheDog

Here's mine! My friends kept trying to get me to play, so when I eventually caved in my goal was to make the most annoying character I possibly could hahaha. I love her.

I also got really lucky with the height. We were talking and I said "I hope she's as short as possible".... And then I rolled for her height and she was as short as possible. Lucky

Anemone Snapdragon lilligant

anemone was my first dnd character! i haven't gotten to play her in ages but i think i'm going to get to bring her out for a new campaign soon... she was raised in rapunzel-style isolation by a dwarf gardener so she is very bad at being a tiefling, but also, like, she grew up her whole life thinking she was some kind of freakish giant having to crouch and side-step through doorways

she's 5'2"

the real world was a BIG SHOCK

Runa captaingalaxia

Got an entire folder for them, haha.  its not even all of them, just all the ones ive got up so far! Runa here is the most important to me id say. the campaign i was playing her in ended last year and i still think about her a ton.


lilligant omg that sounds adorable.. I can't imagine thinking you're one extreme and finding out you're on the other end of it xD I imagine meeting her first Orc was a bit of a heart stopper


captaingalaxia Aw, she looks great! Sophie look adorable too <3

Calypso chimeratic

this is my tiefling druid! i.. have a tiefling problem haha. she hunts corrupted animals and monsters and her connection to the forest has slowly turned her natural horns into a more antler-y form!


their party kidnapped an orc child in a session i did not get to attend so i came back to that and she was like THAT BABY IS THE SIZE OF MY ENTIRE DAD???? and it was a LOT!!! she still has a bad habit of starting to duck whenever she comes to a doorway and everyone thinks she's, like, afraid of them or something? there's a lot about the real world that continues to confound her but height is definitely up there (heh)

Hatchet grimbone

Hatchet isn't technically a dnd character as in, I've never played him in a real game (and probably never will) but he exists in a vague dnd world and is my absolute baby.

As far as other characters, my current is an aarakocra paladin with a homebrewed nature/elemental based oath (the campaign is focused on elemental and planar balance and junk) and he's....... an adorable, annoying little man haha.  He understands approximately 5% of the physical plane and while he sure is trying his best, doesn't quite get social norms, eating habits, etc.  He's so much fun to play and my pals seem to really enjoy him which is great since half of them haven't played much before if at all so I wanted to try something pretty far out of the box to balance out their slightly more traditional characters.


grimbone Hatchet has some great art!! I love the second one xD


I literally have a whole folder full of children

Many of them have no info/profile yet bc I'm lazy so if someone catches ur attention and has no info whatsoever I can ramble a bit about them lmao


ChosenUndeaad holy wowzers that's a lot of really awesome looking charas owo 

I'm curious about Gagoze , and do you have any druids? This is my first time playing a druid and we're only one actual session in, so I've got like zero idea what I'm doing xD

Lady Vaala Nyria

Vaala here is a Goliath mage! She's my first true dnd character and I absolutely love playing her. xD

I need to still give her a bio, but personality wise she's generally really friendly, and tends to be unaware of her own size and strength. Also she's apparently starting to become like the "mom" of the group? Unexpected but it suits her xD


DnD characters you say 👀 

Flux was my first proper character, her campaign finished not too long ago. She's a changeling paladin (former druid). She was the youngest of her group, very immature, and had a lot of fun befriending a dragon. She's in my current campaign as a NPC, after she escaped to Faerun.

Xarr is my current, and is a gnoll barbarian. 

I also have Mila, and a large folder of NPCs that feature in my campaign.

Sei'ku xmoriartea

I have so many... lolll. But I'ma talk about Sei'ku cause he's my precious son.

He's an aasimar paladin. He was multiclassed into monk, but nearly died recently and to heal up properly (his wings were in a real bad way) his celestial guide had to take a more active role and essentially became his warlock patron. The injuries sustained cost him some of his Dexterity and the glasses that boosted his Wisdom shattered in his face and cost him a little bit of vision. But the fact he survived and the scars he's sustained has upped his Constitution and Charisma (Intimidation). We were trying to rebalance him out a bit and the choices my party made in trying to heal me played into how that rebalance went.

Right now he and his party are dubbed 'the Guardians of Chult' and are trying to make sure all their loose ends are tied up before they leave Chult to return to Halruaa where their journey began.

Just got a sweet commission of his blade Pharos Im eager to show off loll