DnD Characters Anybody?

Posted 2 months, 27 days ago by Fvhn

I'm working on making designs for my group's characters, and I would love to see what you guys have come up with!

I have a wood elf, two tieflings, a half-orc, and a dragonborn to design... eep. 

Feel free to share anything about them too- what adventures have you gone on?

Mournimar Da'Viir phoenixoftheparadise

Mournimar here is my main DnD character for my friend's homebrew campaign, Seon Adventures(which takes place bi-weekly, usually on wednesdays. If you wanna keep up on the campaign, you can read my friend's session summaries here)! He's a total softie. He's adopted the half-orc bard as a little sister, and befriended the tiefling fighter in the party, which has lead to basically a near inseperable trio of friends. Underneath all of his cheery and friendly demeanor, Mournimar is DEEPLY troubled, he was born into a cult to the demon-goddess Potencia, who's sphere is Cruelty, Ruthlessness, and Imprisonment, among many other things. He only escaped after things escalated in his teens and he ended up blacking out into a rage and killing everyone in said cult, well, almost everyone, as we learned last wednesday that his mother, Kah'lia, is very much alive, and still very much involved with the Potencia cult. Mourni's terrified he's gonna go into a blind rage again and hurt the party. Belli(Bard) and Luctan(Fighter) managed to calm him down after the rather gruesome realization about his mother (Mourni realized she was alive while investigating potencia worship activity in Sa Doma, He originally though that Lazarus, his ex, was behind the disappearances in the city, but upon looking at the body Luctan found in a barrel, realized it was someone far, far, worse. That someone being Kah'lia). Tbh next level up, which is probably soon, I'm probably gonna multiclass him as rogue, since our current questline has a lot of stuff that would be good lore-wise to explain it, plus ranger with a dip in rogue is REALLY GOOD

Mournimar themes: 1, 2, 3

For another campaign, a WoW themed version of Princes of the Apocalypse, we have Serana Duskblood, a Blood Elf Rogue. Unfortunately, I can't go too into detail about her backstory since we haven't gotten there yet, and I know at least one of my campaign buddies, for both PotA and Seon (same group for both campaigns btw, just different dms) uses TH. Serana has quite the temper, hates the alliance, and is over-all kinda edgy. She's like the worst of Guts from Berserk but with the personality and impulse control of Griffith (minus the really bad shit ofc), and it doesn't help that there's an item in the campaign that's the equivalent of a Behelit. Despite being rather cold and uncaring to most, she DOES care about Soap, a strange elf-like child she found in the woods and took in. Keep in mind Serana is like the blood elf equivalent of an 18-19 year old, she is 100% not suited to take care of a child, especially considering that she's very hardcore part of the Horde, and also a huge klepto. Basically, despite the fact she cares about Soap, she basically unintentionally puts her in danger. Unbenkownst to Serana, Soap is actually a dragon in a more humanoid form. Last session, Serana got in a bit of a fight with a goblin named Vitani(his player named him after my cat and had everyone in the group keep that a secret until game day. I love all of them) because Serana wasn't watching where she was walking.

Serana Themes: 1, 2, 3

I have more dnd ocs, you can see all of them in this folder. Honestly it feels so weird switching between Mourni and Serana, since Mourni is a total sweetheart, and Serana is well, an asshole with a fuckload of issues. As of typing this (tuesday, the 2nd of april) we have the Warcraft campaign's second session tomorrow, so I'm curious how things are gonna go for Serana

Tevaga Thunderfoot Jovian

here's my half-orc, she is incredibly strong and jumped over an entire building once