DnD Characters Anybody?

Posted 22 days, 6 hours ago by Fvhn

I'm working on making designs for my group's characters, and I would love to see what you guys have come up with!

I have a wood elf, two tieflings, a half-orc, and a dragonborn to design... eep. 

Feel free to share anything about them too- what adventures have you gone on?

Myra Tick

okay so like, I play Pathfinder instead of D&D but it's close enough, right?
Myra is currently my only Pathfinder character (she's a half-elf cleric), and at the moment the only character I use for tabletop RPG purposes... she doesn't really have a profile yet because I'm too lazy to write her stuff down.

I also have Torio. They used to be a character for a Pathfinder campaign set in the world of Aether Eternius, but that campaign stopped because of reasons that I currently don't remember (I think the GM didn't have time for it anymore???). I liked them a lot tho, so I made them a regular Aether Eternius fan-character.

Ridir Wildmight SamThePUNisher

Twink boy which is stronk enough to carry his big axe No longer active since the party has been disbanded -.-


I recently created a Tiefling character (I have yet to upload her). I have not played with her yet but I plan on doing so soon! She's actually fairly bright (in terms of colors) for a Tiefling, but I thought, why not?

Suri TheLadyAnatola

Suri here is a human ranger, and Darcanas is my dark elf monk. They've each had a session this week, so I'm happy to see them having some mildly stressful fun on their adventures. XD



Seir TyrianCallows

Right now Seir and my Monk Keshun are my two DnD characters. I'm working on a Yuan-ti to match one of my dice sets. 

Missile (D&D: SS&DB - Missile) Phantomsurf

I have so many.

- Missile, the gruff soldier girl who's investigating the "Cult of Chaetusenthalar".
- Evie, a refugee from the cult, who wants to overthrow Chaetus.
- Kaliban, the swashbuckling rogue who's also a paleontologist studying ancient creatures.
- Bass, Kaliban's little sister. She's the warforged bounty hunter who's hunting down the cult.

More in here (and that's not even all of 'em...)

 Ghorbash Mudzi

I have this sneaky rouge thief idiot who I've been playing for the last year+ C: 

Have some other bbys as well, though I've only played Astaroth in a two-shot a while back :3 The other one's are biig WIP's ^^ 

onge pixiekinz

here's my cleric! she hit a guy over the head with a barrel yesterday

Vaska Nefere

Vaska! He's my first (and so far only) DnD character and I love him to death. He's a yuan-ti, a dumbass, dense like a brickwall and when in doubt? Fireball. Fireball is always the answer.

Arestei Saibraeus

I saw there was already an aasimar paladin but here's mine! He's a very charismatic cult leader who had a fall out with his deva. Wanders around getting more followers (for himself) as well as looking for the 7 year old child who stole his family seal and consequently got him kicked out of his own house.

Tries really hard to seduce things because he wants to be a lover more than a fighter but so far he's mostly fought every child he's crossed paths with so...

Kit Litwick

I've played in four campaigns (two of which I'm still playing)!  I currently play as a Tabaxi Monk and a Yuan-ti Pureblood Sorcerer. I have many dnd characters, but only four that are on Toyhouse! The Yuan-ti Pureblood is Kit here, but I also have Soren the Cervitaur Warlock (who I played previously), Aster the Firbolg Druid (who I have not played), and Winta the Aasimar Cleric (who I have also not played).