Show your prehistoric creature OCs!

Posted 2 months, 26 days ago (Edited 2 months, 25 days ago) by Valra

Thought I would make this trend for any of us showing our prehistoric creature OCs!

I’m unsure if there’s already a trend like this or not-

Whatever it’s a dinosaur, prehistoric marine reptile, prehistoric mammal, pterosaur, hybrid, fictional or original species OC show them!


First one up is my troodon boy Ivo I got him as a custom by Luminara from a colour palettes adopt just loving his colours and looks!

Up next is my triceratops OC Aoki (I haven’t put Aoki up on here yet since for some reason it said the creator is unverified when I resubmit it) got him from a dino gacha on DA by chishioochita.

Lastly my theropod hybrid (or not a hybrid I’m not sure) dinosaur girl Azul, her design remind me of Blue from the Jurassic World movie (anyone seen the Jurassic Park/World movies?-) where she got her name from because Azul mean blue. I haven’t decided the name of the species she is to put in the bio to state what kind of a dinosaur Azul is but I love her!

Alkumez aaawhyme

Aw hekk! Alkumez belongs in here. I even designed his look to seem sort of prehistoric 

It's an ancient form of demon older than all the current ones in existence, that has resided in the life realm for thousands of years at the very least - but it's actual existence before entering the realm of life is much older than that. It's so old, people don't know if it exists (anymore?), but there are many stories and myths around Alkumez that have been around since forever

Shatter Kazetatsu

Here is my velociraptor. Shatter is anthropomorphic enough to talk and interact with other intelegent races but is still pretty feral over all. 

Dipper SonieTheDog

My Utahraptor, Dipper!

Vassili Seiden

Hello! Parasaurolophus here :D 

Rex the Theropod Nuckelavee lophiusdragon

theropod nuckelavee!

Bazil Dageraron

*lazy rawr I’m here I’m here*

Aether Jovian

she's her own species (a goddess even!) but her appearance is heavily based off of feathered dinosaurs.  caw caw


here yah go-

Cheer Jolly

Precious fluffy raptor friend,

ruby suomaa


Noodle Beguile

hell ye

Derek grawolfquinn

He'll probably be going away to another home soon, but this guyyyy <:


suomaa aayyyy fellow troodon :D

Lalo Junee

I have a whole folder of them! Most of are dinosaurs, but I have one prehistoric mammal.

Q Licorictus

My ding dong dang fursona is a Therizinosaurus, a Dunkleosteus, and a Sarcosuchus (and also three other things but those are my faves ngl).

i have a whole prehistoric tag aieee and it's only a matter of time before an azhdarchid and a ceratopsian join the gorgon and the Andrewsarchus and the zeens and oh no i'm drowning in dinos