Show your prehistoric creature OCs!

Posted 2 months, 28 days ago (Edited 2 months, 27 days ago) by Valra

Thought I would make this trend for any of us showing our prehistoric creature OCs!

I’m unsure if there’s already a trend like this or not-

Whatever it’s a dinosaur, prehistoric marine reptile, prehistoric mammal, pterosaur, hybrid, fictional or original species OC show them!


First one up is my troodon boy Ivo I got him as a custom by Luminara from a colour palettes adopt just loving his colours and looks!

Up next is my triceratops OC Aoki (I haven’t put Aoki up on here yet since for some reason it said the creator is unverified when I resubmit it) got him from a dino gacha on DA by chishioochita.

Lastly my theropod hybrid (or not a hybrid I’m not sure) dinosaur girl Azul, her design remind me of Blue from the Jurassic World movie (anyone seen the Jurassic Park/World movies?-) where she got her name from because Azul mean blue. I haven’t decided the name of the species she is to put in the bio to state what kind of a dinosaur Azul is but I love her!

Jefferey SkyLetha

Hmm, does my dodo count?

They're a cult leader for the world ive created, but still a dodo, last of their kind! I love this crazed kiddo to bits <3


Well, ah...

Onyxi Polymorphus

Okay but I have more then one lol! Onyxi here was my first sona and she's based pretty heavily on gorgonapsids, Dakota is my junk RP sparkle raptor lol, and Roshambo is a utauraptor/Dilophosaurus in development! 

✧Sencha✧ Ophidi

Sencha (a velociraptor) is the most recent character I bought and I love them already! I adore prehistoric creatures and have a few characters sketched out that I never finished. Though I definitely need to work on some more!  

Okko Therion

I got a fluffy raptor boi <3 xD

The Aether Orca

Prehistoric creatures are where it's at.

These guys are a bit different because they're actually aliens (and thus don't exactly conform to the typical anatomy of their species), but here's a space T-rex.

It's also created four more...things, being Dr. Fire the pterosaur, Dr. Water the plesiosaur, Dr. Air the velociraptor, and Dr. Earth the triceratops.

Hadraemis Scitalis Wonderland

Hadraemis is very much prehistoric, and has been locked away for ... a loooooong time!

Ruby Jazzyyazi

My alien babe

Klugg QuazarStar

Mmmm good thread. Many fluffy raptors and interesting critters. I approve.

I'm not sure if she counts as a creature per se, but Klugg is a genetically-engineered superintelligent hominid who definitely doesn't look like she belongs anywhere within modern Homo sapiens society.

Dinosona BardicWerewolf

This girl is my sona; a tyrannosaurus rex with lots of feathers! No fancy name for her just yet, but I love her just the same <3