Show me OCs with accents!

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I was reading last night/earlier today about American/British accents and thought about how interesting they were, so show me characters that have some sort of distinct accent or dialect! Doesn't matter from where. 

This thread isn't to make fun of anyone or perpetuate stereotypes, btw, but just to discuss. :> 

Roswell Butcher fizzelston

Oi ye he's fantasy-oirish oilraight 

Felix BurnsBerry (The Dentist) Jazzy_J_Wolf

Felix has a french accent 


Soul has a Transylvanian/Hungarian accent!

and Finia has an Australian accent!

Lika StrawberryLunala

I've got many characters with accents. Lika, for example, has a Japanese accent.

Neon Mining-Portals

Neon has a British accent. I don't know why, but I can imagine him with it

ELLE/ELLIE alexdelarge

elle has a very faint german and british accent. 


these exact places don't 100% exist in their canon but still here's what they sound like & yeah different places in australia have different accents it's not just cultivated-general-broad like the lies will tell u:

  • My main story is set in like a Perth analogue (in a fantasy AU where it's not as shit compared to the eastern state capitals) so most people talk like they're from Perth & I'm realizing I don't have a lot of variation which is a Shame
    • by all counts Zara should have a broad rural WA accent but for some reason I keep visualizing her with a Sydney one, rip
    • Ryn has a really drawly Victorian accent which of itself is less grating to my ear than a Sydney one but any points he had for speaking less annoying are immediately negated by the fact he's ryn
    • Spargo's real accent isn't even that broad but he plays it up a lot to match the legendary power levels of his name
    • Felony's is more noticeably plummy to the point some people accuse her of being british but no she's just Refined
    • Xaanik is one of few characters who I can say has "no accent" but really all that means is that he's inhumanly good at mimicking them so he'll always seem like he has "no accent" because he's just copying how people around him speak. Same goes for any other divines I guess
      • This includes Crispin but bc Crispin's in Canada I associate him more heavily w/ having a Canadian accent
    • Heron has a London accent but like not a posh one
    • Sharpie speaks english natively but still has a very slight arabic accent bc his parents accents are pretty strong. He's also pretty fluent in arabic but still sounds like he has an foreign accent to native speakers (he & his immideate family speak the egyptian dialect)
    • Elrix has a demonic accent, which is half accent half just down to her having different vocal anatomy to a human
  • Idk how Cas speaks bc he's from a high fantasy setting who's languages I haven't thought about yet but he might actually sound vaguely italian
  • Blayde has a cali accent I guess :")
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