(HI I'll be honest, this is a fucking repost but I missed people showing off their ships SO REVAMP TIME)

Ah yes, OCXCanon. The addiction of many but the bane of many others.

Which is exactly why I'm starting this thread, let us all band together as we cry about how our OCs are doing the salsa with various canon characters from other series!


-NO HATE/SHIP WARS - I shouldn't even have to say this, but well, people can get stupid. Please do not be rude/spiteful toward anyone here. If you really have a issue, PM them but any type of nonsense I will block.

-Any series is fine! - It can be from animes, video games, books, just let your OTPs pour ;0


O: I wanna join. o:


Soulfulmoon you get THE ENTIRE VIP PACKAGE as long as you post Hana or Freyja <:3

Yelisa ✨ birthday

gotta bring big chungus into the mix

i dumped all her oc x canon art to her main gallery but im still crying over kotetsu kaburagi rn even though i havent finished the manga and also animatsu :pensive:

mostly ive just been selfshipping with my ocs lately but like... wig snapped. whenever i think of my faves im still feelin it



birthday you're the only person allowed to marry Leon in the entire world


JHDSFJKLSDF youll be my maid of honor at our wedding


Oh gosh ok I'm still kind of nervous about doing OC/Canon stuff bc I've only met very few RPers willing to do so with me but uuuuuh

Well I do have some ships/friendships in mind for my Overwatch OCs with the canons lmao

Pink Leader Ragers

I wanna join! <3

I ship Pink Leader with Tord/Red Leader from Eddsworld!


local man (me) has been mobilezoned since this was posted but now im free ....... im gonna dump my laundry list here because i adopted a 'who cares' attitude and never went back and also im using this as an excuse to ramble

    • aster is like..... kinda........ dating zinnia from pokemon oras..... i say kinda because its barely canon zinnia at this point but they share key physical , personality, and backstory traits sdfgh. but other than that theyre 100% disaster gfs and also theyve both died at least once and come back so i think theyre unkillable. theyve been together since highschool and not even hell could seperate them, because they went through that and now theyre happy and live in a cottage on a mountain together......... theyre equally eccentric and both kind of idiots but i love them
    • speaking of aster since i use that name too much , asteriddle was my blade and soul main and shes in a vaguely defined romantic relationship with soha (are they gfs? married? who knows)(also im not linking soha bc her canon outfit is atrocious). theyve busted the government together like twice and also stopped the end of the world together like once. they shoot things together and are sappy in front of their students
    • lune..........the absolute madman...........shes in a polyship with n and colress from pokemon bw/bw2 and shes gotten me hatemail at least once bc of it. shes too powerful. i wasnt really sure if i wanted to pair her with n or colress but then i had an epiphany and was like 'why not both' and since that day ive opened my third eye. she'd known n since she was a kid and met colress later during the second team plasma incident, theres a whole mess thats long to explain but somehow she ended up with. Two of them but they were all mutually into eachother so it worked out in the end .. they live in a forest together and live a dumb fluffy domestic life with eachother
    • orchid is married to cynthia from pokemon dppt ! theyre basically eachothers best friend and closest allies in addition to that... theyd take on the world together if they wanted to.. orchid died but. that didnt stop them at all because she's just a ghost now and can still Smooch her wife.......

rambling over . basically tldr; theyre all big dumb nerd and i love them a lot

Revenant sanstheskeleton

I ship Revenant (my oc) and Starfire (teen titans) so hard

I should really go about (re)uploading their couple art tbh,,, hah.

Will edit this post with more blabbering later~

"Tyrian" (Blade Alchemist) TyrianCallows

postin my Alchemist Blade bc I ship her hard w/ Kimblee :Y (she's kinda both a separate OC and a self-insert)


HEY HEY! Gonna drop my two babs in here c: <3

Shade x Steven Stone from pokemon

Chiharu x Kuro from Servamp


I had an OC x Canon OC once

Her name was Jella

She was a Sonic OC

And she was dating Scourage from the Sonic Comics.

Sadly i probably made this thing like 5 months ago-

Koi Mercenary_Ike

All I do is ship my persona with canons