(HI I'll be honest, this is a fucking repost but I missed people showing off their ships SO REVAMP TIME)

Ah yes, OCXCanon. The addiction of many but the bane of many others.

Which is exactly why I'm starting this thread, let us all band together as we cry about how our OCs are doing the salsa with various canon characters from other series!


-NO HATE/SHIP WARS - I shouldn't even have to say this, but well, people can get stupid. Please do not be rude/spiteful toward anyone here. If you really have a issue, PM them but any type of nonsense I will block.

-Any series is fine! - It can be from animes, video games, books, just let your OTPs pour ;0


omgg i used to ship my sonic ocs with canon characters way back in like 2013.. it was so cute....

lately i've been wanting to make an oc to pair with kaoru seta from bandori but ive been too nervous cause of ''''''cringe culture''''''
i defff wanna try to design something now after seeing this thread, it made me so happy that not everyone hates it :}}