War cries Catch phrases and Mottos

Posted 2 months, 19 days ago by Kazetatsu

Does your character have something they always say? Do they shout it when they come into the room or fall back on it when things get tough?

Let me invite your characters  to share their core phrases, when/where they use them, and maybe the history behind why those phrases stuck or why the words are significant to them. 

Julia Wright/Henry Newman Cliodna

The most prominent example in terms of war cries etc. must be Henry Newman, who spent a large part of their roleplay series stuck in a medieval fantasy world, involuntarily leading a civil war (which he grew to sympathize with). His war-cry was "FOR (THE) RED PAWN!" which was also the motto of the faction.

Other mottos include "For the greater good" (in England, particularily when dealing with espionage and Occultist matters) and "I am always myself (even when I'm not)" (as a reply to people telling hir that s/he can't keep "trying to be someone s/he isnt'").

Mining toontastyc

Can memes be her catch phrases for doing stuff?



if the memes serve the purpose of a war cry, catch phrase, motto, mantra or any other similar use, than of course they count.

Smiley PicklePantry

A little bit of yes and no. Smiley doesn't have a set phrase he always repeats, though he does always mention a smile or happiness right before he kills someone. It's usually something like, "Let's see a nice smile. :)", "Your smile will look absolutely beautiful. :)", "I can't wait to see how happy you are. :)", or similar sayings that involve that central theme.
There's one line associated with him - "Always be happy, and don't forget to smile!" - but he doesn't say it very often.

Tabs FurryFoxy64

tabs is quite a weirdo, he says all sorts of things but these are his most common sayings:


His catchphrase: "Aw fiddlesticks!"


when happy: "Woo!"

when disappointed: "aw jeez"

when scared: "Stay back!"


his motto: "Keep on moving!"


TIC amers-nd

TIC often tells themself:

"Become iridium worthy of life itself" 

when the going get rough, especially closer to the climax.

It's impossible for me to explain what it means (because it's chock full of story spoilers!), but it's something they've told themself their entire life. Through all the abuse they've faced, just saying that over and over again may have been the only thing getting them through the pain. Funnily enough, though, they don't even realize what it means until way deeper into the story.

So yeah. It's not a war chant. None of my OCs really have one of those. But this helped me come up with an important character detail on the spot, so thanks for this thread!

Yhone TenMomentsTill

The man based his life around his mentor/friend's motto of  “Be better than you are. You are never as hurt as you are. You are as never as tired as you feel. You will outlast and outfight anything this universe throws at you.” Eventually, Does promote a hella self-destructive way to live one's life which winds up inevitably gets Yhone killed.

 Yhone's trainee, Setshi, eventually picks up the same motto as well.