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like your sketch

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basically this I'll doodle the ocs that come by free of charge. I'll update as i go

all doodles will be put on this board

ggtW0rq.jpg G47uzW0.jpg

Scientist                                                                       shibeboi

mpGZRe4.jpg eT5DfwE.jpg

Renthire                                                                    GalaxySky

 Starstruck straycats

i'd love art of this lovely lady if you're inspired?? ty for the opportunity <3

Gremithian Legionnaire Renthire

Hope you like big beefy purple men

Kjartan Ulfriksson HailLucy

Kjartan could really use some art, and he is such a fav of mine <3. I would love to see what you do with him!
Thank you so much for the opportunity and I hope you enjoy whoever you choose to doodle!

Sara sunshineem

Guess it doesn't hurt to try right?

Ise Kariot TyrianCallows

How about Ise just to spice things up a bit in options?

☔️ RAIN ☔️ Draculaura

thank u for my life...


eh Mayzey's easy enough

Illia C.D.N. Nova Jovian

all I have to offer is this goat

Baphomas Tyrennia Ryallin


Nova ThatOneWow

I'd love to give Astra some art!

Bulrig aaawhyme

Do  you draw weirdos? 

I got this creepy ugly demon guy right here if you like