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like your sketch

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basically this I'll doodle the ocs that come by free of charge. I'll update as i go

all doodles will be put on this board

ggtW0rq.jpg G47uzW0.jpg

Scientist                                                                       shibeboi

mpGZRe4.jpg eT5DfwE.jpg

Renthire                                                                    GalaxySky

Starstruck cherry_shake

i'd love art of this lovely lady if you're inspired?? ty for the opportunity <3

Gremithian Legionnaire Renthire

Hope you like big beefy purple men

Kjartan Ulfriksson HailLucy

Kjartan could really use some art, and he is such a fav of mine <3. I would love to see what you do with him!
Thank you so much for the opportunity and I hope you enjoy whoever you choose to doodle!

Sara sunshineem

Guess it doesn't hurt to try right?

Ise Kariot TyrianCallows

How about Ise just to spice things up a bit in options?

☔️ RAIN ☔️ Draculaura

thank u for my life...


eh Mayzey's easy enough

Illia C.D.N. Nova Jovian

all I have to offer is this goat

Baphomas Tyrennia Ryallin



Hey, friend! This should be in the Art Freebies thread! I'd suggest restarting your thread in here, or filing a ticket so that a mod can move this to the appropriate place! ; v;/

Nova ThatOneWow

I'd love to give Astra some art!

Bulrig aaawhyme

Do  you draw weirdos? 

I got this creepy ugly demon guy right here if you like