What does your character order from Starbucks?

Posted 2 months, 11 days ago (Edited 2 months, 11 days ago) by sanstheskeleton

In as much or as little detail as you want. I'm not a Starbucks regular but I'm starting to brainstorm. It's a character development thing, why not?

No money limit or toppings limit, regular Starbucks rules go here. I've only stepped in the place once so I wouldn't know 'em tho lmao rip.

I look forward to your responses! I always read them, even if I don't always directly reply!

Enoch "Cheshire" Chalifour Walrushi

I feel like Enoch would be more of a tea man, going for the Royal English Breakfast Tea Latte! However if he did actually get coffee, I feel like he would go for the Dark Roast.

Falak-Paisleigh Campbell Jules

A unicorn frappuccino. What else?

Malka aaawhyme

Ohhh yess Malka would order such a long fancy drink ahaha. Barista's and anyone behind him in line would hate him. He'd also stand there humming and hawing about what food he wants. 

He'd order something like a...

Venti Caramel Macchiato, 6 Pumps, Soy, Extra Shot, Extra-Hot (like 120degrees), Extra-Whip, extra caramel and double up the cup.

Ara starfast

Ara's pretty simple when it comes to coffee. He'll order a venti black coffee. Maybe even two depending on how the day is going. 

Ramiel zinnia

3 pumps of every syrup they have + 20 espresso shots. the barista tries to convince them otherwise but they cant - they pay entirely in gold and their claw accidentally swings and smashes the pastry display case on their way out. ramiel is no longer allowed to order coffee

Emerald Corentin Rousseau NihilisticTiger

Black coffee with extra caffeine, and a glazed doughnut. Maybe two. Of each. And put caffeine in the doughnut, as well.

(Starbucks employee: I-I'm sorry, sir... We can't put caffeine in the foods... 

Emerald: *slams counter, glaring* I'm the president, find a fucking way)

Shizuko Iwahara Akeya

Shizuko is like, a really modern city girl so her order is usually complicated asf LMAO

She'd probably go with an iced espresso with extra whip, extra milk, 3 extra shots, some extra caramel and chocolate drizzle on top of her whip, and like 3 pumps, and even though she asked for an iced espresso, she'll say: "Can you go light on the ice?" all in a venti cup.

and a bagel. 

 Kenneth Heulfryn DARKESTHOUR

i feel like kenneth wouldnt actually like starbucks, but would just go to order things as jokes like
"yeah can i get some........ venti water with extra whip. thanks." and just that

Meeri 🐈 cookeycat

Pumpkin Spice Latte. Extra spice. No sugar.

freya pixiekinz

just the beans

Jingyi Yunos

Fruit flavored drinks, like those teas with bits of fruit floating inside them! His absolute favorite would probably be a strawberry frappucino though, because even though it doesn't really taste like fruit, it's sweet and tasty and Jingyi has a sweet tooth :')