What does your character order from Starbucks?

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In as much or as little detail as you want. I'm not a Starbucks regular but I'm starting to brainstorm. It's a character development thing, why not?

No money limit or toppings limit, regular Starbucks rules go here. I've only stepped in the place once so I wouldn't know 'em tho lmao rip.

I look forward to your responses! I always read them, even if I don't always directly reply!

  • Decaf iced latte with almond milk for North (they're not lactose intolerant anymore but best not to risk it; also, caffeine and North mix badly) but they're just as likely to order the cheapest thing on the menu and leave it untouched, especially if they're only at the cafe to talk business. 
  • I feel like Theo would glance at the menu and pick the safest option and/or get what the other person's having; she privately thinks Starbucks is overpriced and will only suggest it if inviting the other person to her house isn't an option. Seasonal drinks like peppermint mocha and eggnog latte are her guilty pleasure. 
  • Jemmy goes wild with toppings - whipped cream, five different kinds of syrup, vanilla bean powder, cookie crumble, shots, the works. She knows most of the secret menu by heart and is especially fond of fruit frappuchinos. Mekhi prefers to go light on the sweetness and usually orders a salted caramel mocha.
  • Dexter doesn't like coffee that much (and has an utter disdain for tea of any kind) so he'll order something iced and only pick out the ice in the drink, chewing obnoxiously loudly as he does so. Sometimes he'll change it up and order something sweet and fruity, but he never drinks it till the end. 
  • Disregarding business meetings, Adelland only ever drops by Starbucks in the winter and always gets the same thing: an extra hot chai latte to go. Rome orders a single espresso shot and doesn't touch it till they're about to leave.
nintendogs!!! 9volt

he'd probably get a unicorn frap (or another colorful and probably unhealthy drink) plus 3 cake pops

Richard Thunder Thighs Pastaliaaa

A turkey sandwich because turkeys are ****ers and he has to show dominance!

✧ Je t'aime (✧ Cheri) glizzrybear

100% will get the pink drink!

Branson MasterShortpants

You know that tumblr post about the woman getting a venti cup of espresso shots? That’s Branson. Someone help him. Someone stop him

🌞Leon🌞 MissPeaches

Anything with Caramel in it. uvu Loves blended drinks.