What does your character order from Starbucks?

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In as much or as little detail as you want. I'm not a Starbucks regular but I'm starting to brainstorm. It's a character development thing, why not?

No money limit or toppings limit, regular Starbucks rules go here. I've only stepped in the place once so I wouldn't know 'em tho lmao rip.

I look forward to your responses! I always read them, even if I don't always directly reply!

✨💖 Cloud💖 ✨ creamii-clouds

I don't really know the name of the drinks there or what "pumps" and "shots" are but she'd probably either order something coffee with caramel or a Strawberry Acai refresher! She'd also definitely order a cookie lol!


idk why exactly I love this idea

Noel - Green tea, or tea just in general. Nothing else. He just wants to use the wifi. Maybe a hot sandwich as well. (only cause they told him to buy smth or gtfo). Prefers boba tea places, but still a reg at Starbucks.
Mao - One of those bento box things (egg, cheese, and fruit are her fave) and plain coffee, black. Maybe a shot of vanilla if she's feeling spicy. Doesn't know what a grande or venti is. "what? Coffee, just whatever. A venti trenta big coffee." Kind of a nightmare to deal with. She tips well, though. Rarely visits because it's just too much.
Cupid - Caramel frappe, ALWAYS, ALWAYS gets holiday or limited time exclusive drinks, hot chocolate. Anything sweet even if it's grossly sweet. She bought those overpriced sweets and pastries, too....A regular! Everyday, actually. Everyone knows her by name. 

Fusha Vinqou

Probably a cold Chai Latte Tea and a Blueberry Muffin.