Are they regal and have a rococo vibe? Are they fun and look like 90s Nickelodeon? Show me! This forum will always be open and I hope to draw many of the OCs posted here!

Lophius lophiusdragon

Concrete Aesthetic:

-the beach, the sounds of the seagulls and the waves

-fireflies in the dark

-tropical rainforests

-comfort food

-amusement parks

Abstract Aesthetic:
-the feeling of accomplishment
-the excitement of going somewhere completely new, an adventure
-the joy of trying something new, something that seemed scary, but was worth it

Thanatos lophiusdragon

Concrete Aesthetic:

-rainy grey days

-french/victorian gothic

-ancient graveyards

-the haunting silence and peacefulness of being alone

-the dead of night

-a frozen abyss

-unforgiving winter, as beautiful as it is deadly

-calm piano music that is also somewhat sad

Abstract Aesthetic:
-beauty and death
-death as eternal sleep
-melancholy beauty

Kichiro Parfaits

Currently working on this son right now, he's based on the theme of luck and gold (wealth)!

Twila lulltune

Crystals and gems and flowers on water, the soft pink of spring and song as clear as glass. 


lulltune How beautiful! I love it!

Tabitha Knight Mochagatari

Tabitha's aesthetic and design is based on yanderecore, pastel goth, kawaii culture, sweet/goth lolita fashion, bats, blood and death, and hearts, since her theming is based around being "cuter" than her traditional Victorian goth siblings.

Sam Thurman grawolfquinn

knives, purple paint tags, bunny dolls, grinning masks, cold nights, splattered blood, overall punk-ish vibe ~

Momo untrustus

momo's aesthetic is mostly based around frogs and rainy days!