Show off your fairy/faerie folk

Posted 7 days, 19 hours ago (Edited 4 days, 18 hours ago) by Kazetatsu

Fairy, fae, faerie, fair folk, feyrie, there are many differen spellings for this class of beings. Big or small, humanoid or something other, even changelings count. Whether affiliated with the seasonal courts as in some lores or belonging to another lore, as long as it has any association with the fae, it is welcome. 

Capcha Kazetatsu

Here is mine, Cornelius, aka Capcha. He’s a human-sized lad who’s asthetic changes a bit with the seasons or his environment. He hails from a faerie faction known as the environ, who live on the sidelines of the seasonal court system.

Capcha likes interacting with humans quite a bit, and serves as a bit of a salesman, trading faerie magic and items for curiosities other forms of magic and even technology. 

Aside from small trifles, and magic performed in the environ lands capcha’s magic allows him to bless any person place or thing in exchange for cursing another of equivalent value at random. It makes for a neat plot point when writing and playing him. 

soley Zalimeow

I have this gal!! She actually was a sort of imaginary friend when i was little lol