As you have read, I am looking for:
+ Furry Friends (RP required)
+ Romantic Partner for my Fursona (RP required)
+ Any RPers looking to help me develop my fursona's personality and background! (RP required)

Meet my bengal tigress, Nova!


So far what I have is that:
She is a 21 year old bengal tiger.
She was living with her parents until recent, she moved out of her parents place and finally moved into her own studio (or apartment if roommate scenario rp).
She works two part time jobs!
The first one is as an amateur pastry chef assistant at a new pastry cafe known as "Kitty's Treats"
The second one is she works as a camgirl once in a while to make up for whatever rent or if she has something that she wants.

+ Any Furry Charas
+ NSFW RPs (Sexual) (Open to most kinks)
+ Paragraph RPs

+ Human / Kemonomimi
+ Bathroom Kinks (Scat, Farting || Watersport is okay)
+ Script RPs
+ Heavy Gore


Not looking for any pairings or NSFW but I do love literate furry RP. If you are ever interested you can message me :) 


Hey I would love to RP with you sometime! I'm constantly looking for people to worldbuild and develop my characters with! If you're interested I can authorize you to see my characters and see if anyone interests you!