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Posted 1 year, 1 month ago (Edited 10 months, 23 days ago) by cheeriko

If my current MYO design is listed with incorrect anatomy, what are the key things that need to be fixed to correct them? Can old mutations/traits be kept?

To ensure your Afearian is in line with the current anatomy, here are the main aspects that should be adhered to:

  • Digitigrade legs
  • Tail must be connected to fur on top half
  • 5 fingers & 4 toes

Any other previously approved mutations or traits can be kept and will be listed as 'exclusive'.

Note that if your MYO design has been approved in the past but is currently listed with incorrect anatomy, you only need to correct the anatomy if you wish to use them in future prompts & art appraisals!

Ask any questions below!


Hi! I sadly lost interest/no time to be part in the species/group and was wondering if i can change the species? I adore her colors/design to much to give her away :'0

This is


Kaiju_Guts That's totally okay! We'll void her on the official masterlist and you can do with her what you please!


Thank you!💖


what do i do when i first get here


you mean where to start out with the group?

There's no official 'starting point' or 'steps', but what's most common is aiming to get your first little afearian! You can do so various ways:

Other things you can do is also drawing your or the community's afearians, checking out our discord or our forums, keeping an eye out for news about events, and (to look forward for, in the future) participating in quests!

Hello! if I Buy a first-time owner slot and design an Aeferian for them, is that allowed?

Also, as far as horns/wings go, I wanted to give an Aeferian Antenne & Moth wings, what would that classify under?
Thanks in advance! <:)


paying for an FTO is totally fine!!

and antenne & moth wings are not mutations we offer, sorry!! all mutation information can be found in our species guide