import code problems with code editor

Posted 9 months, 23 days ago (Edited 7 months, 26 days ago) by YUVAKOI

Posting this here for circlejourney! They've asked me to paste it here to keep better track of it <3 sorry it took me so long :(

The code import (< span id='allow-thcj-import'>) on the circlejourney code editor doesn't work for me. The character profile that I used in the editor is this one It back then contained a css and I assume that's where the problem lies. The import into the editor works fine with all the other character profiles that don't have a css on them !

When I use the ID to import it into the editor, the meta is inserted and the css is pasted into the edit css section, however the html is nowhere to be found and it doesn't directly convert the whole profile into the editor itself. I tried to paste the security alert code into both the html and css section in the character profiles, but that sadly doesn't do anything

Not related to the original problem above, but I thought it was also worth mentioning; I've tried editing a css in the editor in general (without adding any ID's, so just the css) so I don't have to make extra private profiles for it, but that didn't seem to work either :(


YUVAKOI thanks for letting me know! I did not notice that it didn't import CSS - probably high time I got a premium account so that I can test CSS related issues! meanwhile I was wondering if you could authorise me on that profile (this one: so that I can debug thecode editor issue? Thanks! Also could you check if the CSS contains an @import statement anywhere?


hi hi !! i authorized you, so you should be able to see them now ^^ also the import in the css is this one, i hope thats the one you meant!

@import url(",600");


Hi YUVAKOI! I finally have the time to look into this issue - unfortunately I can't seem to access the test profile anymore and I was wondering if you had another publicly-visible profile with CSS and "allow-thcj-import". I just got premium to test this and it seems to work OK on my end, so I want to try and get to the bottom of this!


hi ! :D Im sorry about that, i had privated the profile a while ago because of an oc theft issue :(( hes back to public now !! ^^


OK, so I think you may have mentioned this earlier, but I believe the profile warning is blocking the editor from seeing the "allow-thcj-import" string because the editor is like its own "user", and it can't (as far as I'm aware) save cookies! There may not be an easy way around this (or at least none that I can think of - I will have to keep researching it) but for now, you'll have to import the code manually, I hope that's OK!

Edit: it can import the warning if you put the allow string there, but that may not be what you're after!


It's not what I'm after but it's definitely good to note for the future, so thank you ^^

Unfortunately, the css doesn't show up even when I manually import it into the css box. I tried again with all profile warnings off and it worked better (the html ended up showing), but sadly, still everything except for the css showed up no matter what character profile I use :(

First picture is with profile ID import and the second without image.png image.png


I just updated the editor 5 minutes ago - now it seems to be showing up ok on my end? - but the version I'm working with was pulled straight from the TH source code, so it's possible that something in the commented parts (which were removed in the public version) are causing it not to work. Would you be willing to DM me the full CSS code? I'd be happy to check what the issue is!


Here's what it looks like on my end: