Yum Or Yuck {Oc Game}

Posted 5 years, 5 months ago (Edited 4 years, 2 months ago) by Runaway

{OC} Yum or Yuck

(if this is not allowed delete it ;.;

Hey there, i thought it may be time to add another game!

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This game is simple, here is an example!

(Oc 1) Strawberry ice cream?

(Oc 2) Yum
          Grape soda?

You get the idea ^-=-^

As for rules
You must reply ic.
No replying to your own oc unless its been 24 hours without a reply.
Try to post new items.
You may say why the item is yuck or yum. Keep it short.
You may explain that you would only eat it a certain way. ( in soup or on a salad for examples.)

Lets get started shall we?

Cutter Runaway

 Hmmm what about White chocolate? Yuck or yum?

wilbur kreavat


Chiffon cake? Yuck or yum?

Lili Miminette


W-what about bubble tea? Yuck or yum?

Syph FalseTestimony

Mmmm, yum!

How about sushi? Yuck or yum?

Helena Runaway

No thank you, Yuck.


What about Blackberries? Yuck or yum?

Clive Runaway

Oh I cant get enough of it YUM!!!

What are your thoughts on Marsh-mellow ? Yuck or yum?

This post has been removed.
 Mizuki Siyamak

slimy and weird flavor... so yuck.

How about oysters? Yuck or yum?

 Leva Quadro slugboiler

Too slimy and they smell strange... no thanks. Yuck.

Coffee? Yuck or yum?

Andrew Harper Pokeshadow

 Gross AF. Well, it smells great, but I can't stand the taste at all. Yuck

Sesame Prawn Toast, Yum or Yuck?

Demari ethanol

Ick, I hate seafood.  Yuck.

Alright, how about strawberries?  Yuck or yum?

Maiyamu Princess_Rinne

oooh yumy I love berries and fruits ^_^

Honey suckles, yum or yuck?

Ashe Seraphine cadwo

Honey suckles are so sweet! Yum~ 

How about butterscotch candies? Yum or yuck?

Luke Hastings Princess_Rinne

butterscotch candies are delicious so Yum!

how about buffalo burgers, yum or yuck?