Describe the Profile Picture Above You Poorly [IC]

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Coming from the OOC version?

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Describe the PFP Above You Poorly: IC Version

Last Updated: 14 January 2019

...or pfp, or avatar, or icon. Whatever you want to call it.

Thanks to Toyhouse’s high resolution PFPs (200x200 instead of 100x100 or 50x50), I figured it would be a neat idea to do this.

This is an IC version of my other forum game, Describe the Profile Picture Above You Poorly.

The rules are simple!

  1. You may not sandwich post. (Sandwich posting means posting before 3 people have gotten the chance to post.)
  2. You may sandwich post if the last post was not yours and is older than 12 hours. (This game SHOULD move fast, so yeah.)
  3. Black out sensitive content like so: [REDACTED] Though of course it isn't recommended to have sensitive content here, there is no rule to keep it PG-13.
  4. This is an IC game. Post as a character. For the OOC version, click the link above.

Example using character PFPs:

Alice: *Posts description of above PFP*
Calabaza: The first half of the woman yelling at cat meme
Autumn: If Sonic Boom designed slime girls.
etc. etc.

And without any further ado, let the games begin, and may the odds be ever in your favor.
EDIT 14 January 2020: IC glitch is rude, even if it technically isn’t wrong this time.
Alice ParadiseLost

I’ll start, with Alice.

Tiffany gummy

 time for your VIBE CHECK.

ZETA zinnia


Benjamin Morris (AU: Pokemon) abakkus

there they go

 Emerson kafkaesque

blue-haired man ebbs with confidence

Chilan ParadiseLost

Goopy eyes

Novi Enderstix

Snowballs in ears (Lmao I'm sorry that's the vibe I got sksk)

Roswell van Breek fizzelston

"Ah, " he said. "Me sleep paralysis deamon"

Deedee little-nerd

get that man a drink. sorry, im bad at this

Paul StormoTempest

Splatoon Dog (idk why but it reminded me of Splatoon)

Fitzgerald kafkaesque

fire chicken

Nepi ParadiseLost

*Looks at camery slyly*

Aluminum Alexg47

Just... happy!   

Sausage Rump PoundToundHound

Jack Frost's lil bro